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myServer 6 will soon be available with the new SmartRemote!

Our most recent project - Downtown Flavortown for Guy Fieri.  All DMX RGBWU lights, audio, TVs, effects.

Allonis works to provide you with the best most versatile automation solutions available.

Select your automation elements and choose a device. 

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Integration Specialists

myServer is built on the premise that you want to integrate many disparate products.

We built our automation framework around the idea that a control system needs to make it easy for the system integrator to add support for different device protocols of popular systems. That you want an easy way to modify the user interface without caring about how the devices talk to each other. And to use the system not caring about how the system performs the task.

State of the Art Automation Solutions

We keep up with the best products in the industry to wrap all those good pieces into the best overall system.

Our framework is suitable for new users as well as seasoned professionals. There are enough tools in the server administrator and in the scene designer to help you implement your own masterpiece without having to get your hands dirty by digging into the code.

Custom Application Development

If you have a specific need, we are here to help!

Many of the products in the suite originated from a customer or dealer asking us to do something special. That ended up being what most all other customers want. Let us know how we can help you.

Get Started

Smart Home Demo

Most everything is clickable. Experiment and have some fun...

Powerful and Affordable

Leverages inexpensive PC technology

We built our system around the idea that a modern automation system should take advantage of the huge investment Intel, Microsoft, Google and others have made to ensure a high performance but relatively inexpensive system.

Device Friendly

Whether this is the first automation system or the expert.

Our framework is suitable for new users as well as seasoned professionals to easily add new devices from a myriad of what's available.

Infinitely Customizable

Create your own look and feel with myDesigner

Allonis interfaces are completely customizable. Take control of how you use your automation systems by putting buttons where you want them. Change colors and background images with ease. If you don't feel you have the touch let our creative team do it for you!

See More

Sports Bar and Restaurant Demo

Select a source on the left and then select the TVs you want to change on the right.


Along the bottom are options for lighting, audio, favorites, a DirecTV remote and a video wall. Be sure to click around and try everything.

Learn More

Allonis is looking for automation professionals keen on offering custom solutions for home owners and businesses alike. Please fill in the following form and one of our representatives will contact you.

Truly Scalable

You can build a home or business control system one step at a time by introducing smart lighting, climate, security, home theater control and more as your client's needs grow.


Allonis' solutions interoperate with thousands of third-party consumer electronics devices, making the system easy to install and integrate with your customers' existing equipment.

Mutual Success

We strive to help you build the best possible business for your clients with 24x7 online ordering, white glove support and dealer-friendly business policies. When you’re successful so are we.

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