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HAI Zone 1 Number

Tue Nov 08, 2016 9:11 pm

Dave P;
An old issue has floated back to the top concerning the HAI driver. For some reason, when the driver initializes, Zone 1, which is typically the Smoke zone on an HAI panel becomes Zone 5001. I am finally getting around to setting up the zones scene and changing the scene so that it works with HAI. Zone 5001 rather messes up the plan. There is also a phantom zone 5002 being created which is a bad entry. Can you possibly look into this and make the driver report Zone 1 as Zone 1?

Also, to be practical, your zone scene with the Bypass buttons should also contain a method to restore the zone. Sort of useless to just bypass everything. Also, I guess you are aware that the page needs numerous modifications to work with a HAI panel.
Dave Bruner

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Re: HAI Zone 1 Number

Thu Nov 10, 2016 6:59 pm

The 5000 range numbers are being created because a zone 1 or 2 already exists when it goes to add the new zone. When there is a conflict like that 5000 is automatically added to the base address to get around the conflict. You can always renumber the zone IDs after the sync in Family Manager.

The scene you are referencing was built for an Elk and yes it needs work.

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