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Missing Widescreen Mouse Control 3.90 screen

Sun Nov 14, 2010 9:32 pm

Has anyone else been affected by the new 3.90 screens?

in 3.75, there used to be the following DVDLobby movie screens:

With 3.90 the screens have been streamlined

What's more is that the 1080 format screen is now only a 10' interface with a remote control, no mouse control allowed.

In addition, the 3.90 interface does not behave in a friendly way to scaling requests, the way the previous version screens used to.

If I wanted to create a wide-screen version of the 3.90 screen that responds to mouse buttons, I would have to either modify the 1080 10' interface version or the 4:3 format 1024x768 screen. For the 1080 screen, each thumbnail would then have to respond to mouse presses, and I would have to add buttons to modify the filter, next page, previous page, etc. For the 1024x768 screen, it would have to be widened for a 16:9 layout, maybe 3 rows of 9 thumbnails per row, with the buttons modified. Essentially, I would like all the functionality of the 1024x768 screen in a wide-screen format.

I even bought the Margaret Holden Gallery screen (which has been updated to 3.90), and it looks like those screens are simply rehashes of the 3.90 screens built into MainLobby, so they have the same limitation (widescreen version of the DVDLobby page only responds to Windows Media Center remote, with no mouse control). They are also lacking the 1366x768 screen.

Is anyone else feeling the pinch with the missing screen in 3.90?

Has anyone already created a modified DVDLobby screen designed for mouse control widescreen that they can share?

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