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Re: ability to use philips pronto as ir device

Tue Feb 04, 2003 1:33 pm

Anonymous wrote:hi there, i would like to see the ability for mainlobby to be able to use my philips pronto as the ir device. It seems a shame to go out and purchase a similar piece of hardware such as a slink-e

I think you meant to post this in the MainLobby feature requests section rather than DVDLobby, but the answer is the same in either case.

I use a ProntoPro to control the Lobby programs (mostly DVDLobby). You can accomplish this in two ways:

1. You can connect a wireless keyboard with infrared (I use a Philips one designed for use with the Pronto) to your HTPC. Then, simply learn the keyboard keys into your pronto and then create buttons corresponding to the shortcuts you want. So for example, if you learn the infared code for "P" from the keyboard into your pronto and assign it to a button, pressing that button on the Pronto will case DVDLobby to execute the "play" command.

2. You can use an infrared receiver device (such as Slink-e or IRMan) and the free Girder software and define your commands in that instead.

Either way, there is no reason that the Pronto cannot control all the functions of the Lobby programs. Enjoy!


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