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C4 integration

Fri Apr 04, 2008 1:01 pm

Here is a response of my inquiry about talking with C4 devices directly without using the controller. That what I have MLServer for:

Most Control4 Zigbee devices were designed before the profiles were ratified for the device types that were developed. The dimmer profile and some others have only become available after the Zigbee Pro stack was done.

It was either that, or wait to release *any* products based on Zigbee until after all the profiles were developed, but then you'd just be getting the first Control4 dimmers this year... :)

Fortunately, all Control4 Zigbee devices can be flashed to be compatible with the Zigbee Pro stack, and will be when we release that.

After the Zigbee Pro integration is released in the next major version (after 1.6.0), I would think that you should be able to use them with another system / controller / interface that supports Zigbee Pro.

I haven't seen a serial communication device for zigbee like their are for UPB, X-10, Zwave, etc. If we can get that and zigbee driver from Cinemar, more options for a customer. :D

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Fri Apr 04, 2008 1:39 pm

I believe zigbee info is available, as I have worked with other companies on Zigbee products (to soon be available in the market).

From a Cinemar perspective, it's a matter of "what's important". We already have a number of different ways to do "lighting"....Zigbee from a market share perspective is tiny today. Very little dialouge by current Cinemar customers.

But Zigbee is a very neat technology that once it gets on a role, should become more important.

Now, if there are good business reasons why it's important to you...give us a call.

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