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Thu Nov 25, 2010 10:31 pm

Can you possibly help with the questions below as I am very interested in Cinemar.

- Is there a driver available for a Honeywell Vista Alarm Panel? If not, would it be difficult to build one?
- What remote control is found to be optimal with Cinemar? Is the interface likely through an IR reciever or wi-fi (or is both possible....zigbee even?). How are you controlling the TV and can the same handheld also turn down the lights, control the thermostat etc?
- Can Cinemar integrate with B&K multizone amplifiers?

Edited: added additional question.....if I were to skip the B&K and instead added a Nuvo or a Russound multi-zone product would I need to have the respective keypads distributed throughout the home? They seem a bit redundant with the advent of touchscreens and iPads or am I wrong? Indeed, can you omit the multizone keypads from the system?

Many thanks for your help!

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