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Favorites and Remembering last "scroll to"

Mon Aug 28, 2006 8:57 am

A couple of things I would like to see in a TVLobby :

1. Extensive "Favorites Control". I would like to be able to set up Favorite Categories. For instance in the mornings, I would like to be able to click my "News" favorite button and have just news channels that I have previously selected show up on the screen. At other times, I would like to select my "Education" favorite button and only have previously chosen channels such as History, Discovery, National Geographic, etc, show up.

So I guess what I am really asking for is the ability to make my own categories, and I decide which channels fit my custom categories.

In addition I would want a "Current Favorite" Button, This button/Setup would allow me to be watching any channel, and by pressing a button, add that channel to Current fav list, then when a commercial hits, I go looking for another channel to watch, find one, and be able to add that one to the Current Fav list, and keep going until I have enough Curent Favs built up that I can avoid commercials competely by selecting fron within the Curent Fav list as soon as a commercial happens on the one I am curently watching. AND THEN, have the abilty to perform a "Save As" if I want and save the Curent Fav list as one of my new Fav Categories.

2. A second feature I would like to see is to have TVLobby remember where I was at if I leave the that scene and come back to it. For isntance I have scrolled down through three screens and suddenly I need to go to my lighting control scene and turn on a light, then go back to TVLobby, I want it to be on the third scroll screen position where I left it.

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Re: Favorites and Remembering last "scroll to"

Wed Jul 09, 2008 6:54 pm

randy h wrote:1. Extensive "Favorites Control". I would like to be able to set up Favorite Categories.
Version 3.0.67 now includes support for those list of Favorite channels.

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