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French Interface

Tue Aug 12, 2008 1:51 am

To thanks the proactivity on this forum, Here some screenshots from my interface.

My goal was to translate the interface in french. Hopes it will give some ideas.

Weather and Horoscope are perl scripts.

Horoscope interface is directly feeds by a french horoscope site.
When you click on the icons, it directly displays horoscope depending of the sign. if you click on the left button (sante, travail, ...), it speaks the text within the speakers (Homeseer speak plugin)

Weather interface it feeds by, then translated by my perl script (so can easily be used for other langages). Day stamp (10 aout instead of August 10) is also a french translation in the perl script.
I need to add the capability to select the city elsewhere than in the perlscript. didn't know if I will only do it from the mainlobby client (who will call the city to be viewed), or within mlserver ( I will prefer this version, but I don't know how to create plugins in mlserver ...)
I'd love also to create a compass for the wind direction, but also need to find a solution to do it.

For the agenda, I use the perfect mldatabase plugin (still wait for a final version...)
In the future, I will add the possibility to create events in the client (today I need to manually create events in the mdb file)

And voila ! lots of other ideas, and need to finalize it, but I wanted to test most of capability during the trial version, before buying Mainlobby which is a priority for me now :)
I've already worked on aspx pages, with ajax and silverlight within homeseer, but too much lost time although it's so easy here (for info, I'm not a web developper...).

Thanks for all your helps, and of course, as soon as I will finalize my interface, I will share my files.
Domotique Interface
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Weather interface
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Horoscope interface
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