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Time to upgrade

Thu Aug 04, 2016 12:50 pm

I built my home automation system 10 years ago and spent a couple of years getting it to do everything I want (mostly) and countless hours on the interface. I think it's time to update several things, so I'm asking for opinions. I need to:

1) Update alarm system (Currently HAI panel which is out of date) Any other systems you recommend?
2) Intercom system - Currently NuTone system (not part of automation) - Is there a way to replace the system with iPads/Android tablets and use ML or some type of app to work as an intercom?
3) HVAC - I have 6 AC systems with Insteon (worst) up through the latest Wifi (works great) thermostats. The Wifi doesn't have temp and humidity, so are there any recommended?
4) Cameras - I have 18 cameras on a Geovision system and have been replacing with IP cameras over the last year. Do these integrate with ML? If not, is there something else you would recommend?
5) Lighting - All Insteon, but after they stopped support for the iSY99, I went to the ISY994i and communication sucks. Constantly lights don't come on, go off, etc. Any BETTER systems I should look at?

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Re: Time to upgrade

Thu Aug 04, 2016 7:27 pm

Why do you say HAI is out of date? Just curious. You can order a new BIOS chip for the panel and it is just like a new system. It is still very viable today.

As for lighting, I have UPB running off of the HAI and all works very well and is very controllable from Cinemar.

Replace the Nutone with something more modern.

IP cams; you can view them fairly easily with Cinemar as long as they are accessible individually with a URL or if they run through a NVR, that the NVR is accessible.

HVAC- I have only one HAI tstat that works very well. It is controlled by the HAI panel and also controllable via Cinemar.

My system as mentioned above has been very stable, with minor updates for over 10 years.
Dave Bruner

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