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If you are having wirelessclient connection issues try this.

Mon Feb 05, 2007 1:55 am

Hi Everyone

I have just posted this in another forum and it might not be viewed, as often there so I thought I would throw it in here since I found it to be a very aggravating problem that seemed to cause stability issues for my client to use their touch screen.

I am very weak in the networking department so bare with me, My clients Q1 would need to be rebooted or manually reconnected every few hrs or so and I could not figure out why. I knew where they stored their touch screen the signal was weaker so I did what was suggested on this forum and bought a repeater, this strengthen the signal but the disconnect issue still was happening so this is what I found.

Troubleshooting included walking in and out of the wireless area and then viewing my wireless strength and the Main lobby to see if it connected (on a main lobby screen choose options then start up the near the bottom right hand corner it should show connected or a button that says connect).

I found that my wireless signal would show up good but it was in a state of acquiring and address. This would cause main lobby to not connect even tho you could see that it was trying.

Here is what I did to fix the problem

1) In the task bar left click on the wireless connection status icon
2) The general tab should be highlighted click on properties
3) Scroll down until you see Internet Protcol (TCP/IP) and double click it
4) Now if you have the obtain an ip address automatically checked this could be your problem.
5) Check use the following ip address and enter in your
ip address
subnet mask
default gateway

This is all I did and what was a problem that would cause the touch screen to disconnect every few hrs or so is now not a problem I have yet to reboot the touch screen and my clients are :D

You should notice that your wireless network will now instantly connect when you walk back in range.

Mario suggested for me to put this in the forum as he might want to make a sticky of it or added it to trouble shooting section of the manual


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