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Simply Incredible
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What works.....3088.22460

Wed Jun 18, 2008 8:32 pm

Dave - this my little "What works" report for you;

1. Security modes with user ID's seem to work great
2. ByPass and Resets for Zones work
3. Status of everything works, but gets all tied up in its underware frequently.
4. thermostat commands- fan works - temp settings do not and I have been through this prior. You have a conversion error. In my tests 70f send 60f and so on.
5. Unit commands fail as noted

Overall - not bad, but the panel can only handle so much, and frequently has had enough and shuts down the link. It auto-restores, but it is not uncommon for the command queue to have 50 or more items waiting for a time slice.

Also, my very fast server is way slow due to this driver. It is certanily not optimized nor ready for production. My screens slow to a crawl and iTunes nearly stops.
Dave Bruner

Is there life beyond myServer?
Is there life beyond myServer?
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Wed Jun 18, 2008 9:58 pm

Oh Thank God... someone else has slow-down issues.

Here's what I have experienced.
- When MLS starts, MLHAI won't poll until I run Initialize polling in the command builder.
- Durng the initial polling, MLServer is nearly 100% unresponsive. System CPU shows 2-8%, MLServer shows 0-2%.
- MLHAI starts with Logging enabled. This causes MLServer to run slower.
- After stopping logging and after initial polling, MLServer still runs slow. Non-MLHAI macros take maybe 5 - 10 times longer to run.
- Many Failed to connect events. See attachment. I stopped logging at 4:19.
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