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Helpful newbie hint on automation rules....

Wed Jul 16, 2008 7:31 pm

Firstly let me apologise if this in the documentation (I couldn't find any!), the real problem was my lack of understanding. I figured if I made the mistake, somebody else will or already has made the same mistake.

I created an automation rule like the following:

whenever currentscene is equal to yamaha
and input is equal to tuner
then command loadoverlay

I would load the scene, change the input to tuner and the rule wouldn't trigger.

I then realised my mistake, it dawned on me that my automation rule was firing when the variable first becomes equal. The rule would trigger on the when condition but not on later updates to the and condition.

I set the input to tuner, swapped scenes and hey presto overlay loaded.

A quick reorder to

whenever input is equal to tuner
and currentscene is equal to yamaha
then command loadoverlay tuner

Now it works like a charm. when the scene is loaded and the input is equal to tuner my overlay for the tuner appears.

Another rule reverses the load overlay

whenever input is not equal to tuner
and currentscene is equal to yamaha
then command loadoverlay blank

and my tuner overlay dissappears.

When creating automation rules think about the rule ordering, use Whenever condition for the "trigger" condition, use and conditions as supplementary conditions for that trigger.

So back to my automation rule:

My trigger is when input varaiable is tuner, my supplementary condition is that my current scene is my yamaha receiver scene. This stops my tuner overlay popping up on other scenes.
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