About Us

Allonis is a new name, but we have been doing this for a long time.

Together, we have 30 years of experience developing automation solutions for homes and businesses. We pride ourselves on working to design the most innovative new software and hardware products to meet the needs of anyone looking to control their home or business with style, efficiency and ease.

David Li and Dave Perrico first met and worked together 18 years ago, sharing an interest in home theater control. They both pursued their own interests with David creating Tallus LLC which developed bridges between SageTV personal video recorder software and MainLobby, CQC and Homeseer automation systems, and Dave developing the MLServer3 and MLServer4 software under the Cinemar brand name.

David and Dave decided to reunite to develop and market Allonis's myServer product line. After many late nights of work, Allonis proudly launched myServer 5 in 2016.  Not being ones to sit back, myServer 6 launched in 2020 for commercial business use.   We believe it is the most advanced automation and media control system on the market.