Interface Design


With Allonis interfaces being completely customizable we offer design services to meet your desired look and feel. Our creative team will tailor an interface based on your specific style or home décor. We can keep it as simple as editing the standard set of scenes that come with the purchase of myServer or create a whole new design utilizing the features of myDesigner as shown in the example below.


Take a Look at Some Custom Interfaces

Floor Plans


Let us re-create your floor plans for easy viewing of lighting status throughout your home. Each room will illuminate when there is a light or lights on. Touch the room and you will quickly get a list of all the controllable lights. The floor plan provides easy access to opening and closing your garage doors or turning your ceiling fans on or off. Create all your floors and easily navigate between them. If you are interested in this great feature please contact us for a quote.

Kiosk Interfaces

Main Display

Along with our kiosk software comes the option of having us create a custom interface that reflects the core of what your business is about. Above is the main display for our own office kiosk.

GMC Home Page

When you touch the Glass and Metal Concepts image you access their home page which offers selections on where to go. This interface is 1920 x 1080.

Allonis Home Page

When you touch the Allonis image you enter into a scene that highlights many of our available apps and control functionality.

Movie Browse

These images allow users to browse movies and see all the capabilities of our media control software.

Google Music

The scene you will see when browsing Google Music.

Media Control

Music Selection

A classic look and feel edited to scroll across the page with the details at the bottom. A little color is added for fun!

Movie Selection

A simple sophisticated look for high end theaters.

Price $599.99


Home Scene

Photography © Brad Kopek

Have your interface designed to compliment your favorite photos. This fine art photograph makes a beautiful background scene for this custom design. Take advantage of myDesigner's unlimited color palette and lets create something unique for you!

Sports Bar Interfaces

White and Black

SB WhiteBlack

This custom Sports Bar Interface was created to enhance the Source Selections buttons against the black bevel of the iPad. This beautiful design of white and black with red highlights and a textured background skin will provide a sophisticated look to any bar.

Sport Icons

Interface SB2

Program Guide

To view all the occurrences of a particular sport for the current day you can select a sport icon located on the left side of the interface. A guide will appear with the time and channel for each event. To view all sports touch the All Sports button in the upper right. To further filter other channels touch the Program Selections menu on the bottom.