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Essential to a sports bar and even restaurants is a full media system that draws your patrons to your place on game day.

One of the primary issues with large TV systems is they can be complicated to control. Allonis systems make it super easy for anyone to manage many TVs and speakers with intuitive touchscreen interaction.

With a click you are ready to serve your customers, and with another click, ready to go home for the night. Gone are the days of keeping track of many handheld remote controls.

With the versatility of the myServer system, you can retrofit existing equipment into the control system which makes it economical to get the most value out of your technology investment.


  • Graphical user interface makes it easy for anyone to control a sophisticated system of multiple TVs, zones of audio and multiple media sources.
  • Ability to reserve a TV or audio zone for a private meeting.
  • Easily select from Satellite TV tuners, computer sourced media (like power point), Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast sources.
  • Send one source to multiple TVs with one touch.
  • See what's playing on each zone.
  • Operate the system anywhere you are connected to the Internet.
  • System is ready for business with a click and with another, shuts down for the night.
  • Video walls are also supported.
  • Much flexibility of different TVs, audio systems etc to get the most value out of your prior technology investments.
  • All of your business's systems can be integrated into one view: Heating and Cooling, window blind control, security systems (including cameras), lighting (building and stage lighting), all available from anywhere you are on the Internet.


Allonis can support your existing hardware and also provide any hardware needed to make an end to end functional system.

We are expert with TVs (including TV walls), multizone audio systems, room, ambience, and stage lighting systems, security systems, HVAC control, etc.

Leverage our experience in hardware selection to ensure your place is differentiated from your competition and that the system remains reliable.


We have been updating Sports bar systems for years. We know what you need, can work with what you already have, and can provide the consultation on how to make it an excellent experience for your patrons that is still easy for your wait staff to operate. We can customize the software to your exact requirements including custom floorplan graphical design, and the actions with each click of the system.

Allonis can also engineer and provide turn key hardware / software for a complete sports bar multimedia system that just needs to be mounted and plugged in according to our provided documentation.  We are dealers with most all of the high performance equipment and are partners with AVProEdge who manufacturers some of the most advanced audio / video hardware for conference centers, sports bars, restaurants and other large centers.  If you are either the owner of a facility or an integrator, please call us with your project details and we can provide you a plan and quote.

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