Device Control

Family Overview

myServer supports 11 Device Families which provides an easy way to add new capability to your system. Device Families make it easy to add a new device to your system without having to modify the user interface. A Family includes devices that share similar functions. For example Lighting devices are basically On/Off or Dim. Your myServer rule: "turn the garage light ON when the motion sensor is triggered", and the user interface (show the light ON) are fed from the Lighting Device Family. The Lighting Family then knows for this particular light that it is controlled via the ZWave controller (as example). Only the ZWave controller needs to know the details of how to turn that light ON.

You could also have a ZWave, Insteon, or UPB, or a Vantage lighting controller - even all at the same time on the same myServer system. They all work the same. All can then be used from a single, simple App.

Many hardware devices are auto detected by the Device Driver and are automatically assigned a family. Once recognized, your control rules and user interfaces can manage your new hardware.


  • Each Family supports numerous devices giving you a wide range of choice
  • Simplifies system setup
  • One App that controls all of your systems
  • New devices are added regularly to keep up with technology
  • Allonis takes care of the complex coding so you don't need to

myServer Families:


Audio/Video drivers are used to control your external media devices, receiver, amps, Blu-Ray and DVD players, radios and muti-zone room controllers.


Currently devices from the following hardware manufactuers are supported:

  1. ADX
  2. AmazonPrime
  3. Denon
  4. DirecTV
  5. Dish
  6. DLNA devices
  7. DuneHD
  8. Epson Projectors
  9. Integra BlueRay
  10. IOGear Switch
  11. ITunes synch
  12. Knoll Driver
  13. Krell
  14. LG
  15. Mainstream
  16. Marantz
  17. Media Player Classic and BE
  18. Mico Sim2
  19. Mitsubishi HC1500 and X300 projectors
  20. Netflix Streaming
  21. Nuvo Simplese, T2
  22. Onkyo
  23. OPPO BluRay
  24. Panasonic Viera, AV projectors and Plasma TVs
  25. Polk XRT2
  26. PowerDVD
  27. Roku
  28. RTIAD 16x
  29. Russound RIO and RNET
  30. Samsung
  31. Sharp
  32. SIM2
  33. Sonos
  34. Sony CX7000ES, CX777ES Changer
  35. Sony Projectors
  36. Tivo
  37. Xantech MRC88
  38. Yamaha RX-V3900 and others
  39. and many more
MSRP $99.99


Enjoy the convenience of thermostat control with the Climate Family. One of the first places you can save energy is by managing your home or business climate control system. Heat and Cool only when you need to.


We are constantly adding new devices. Currently the following hardware devices are supported:

  1. Aprilaire Thermostat
  2. Carrier
  3. Ecobee
  4. Honeywell
  5. HAI Omni
  6. Lutron Thermostats
  7. Nest Thermostat
  8. Precon Sensor
  9. Proliphix
  10. Radio Thermostat
  11. RCS Thermostats
  12. Rheem Water Heater
  13. Venstar
  14. Z-Wave Thermostats
MSRP $99.99


Manage relays and irrigation hardware from our Control Family. Relays enable automation for most any electrical device - even when it wasn't designed for automation.


The following hardware devices are supported:

  1. Davis Vantage Pro Weather Stations
  2. Etherrain
  3. Global Cache
  4. Harmony Hub
  5. IP Relays
  6. Panamax
  7. Raspberry PI GPIO
  8. Tire Pressure Monitoring
  9. Ultrasonic liquid level sensors
  10. Zebra RFID receiver
  11. Elk
  12. HAI Omni
  13. Mi Casa Verde Vera
  14. Rain8Net
  15. Relay8WiFi
  16. iPort Surface mount with buttons
  17. Generic Serial driver (for many custom devices)


MSRP $99.99


See how much energy your family is using with our Energy Family. Energy conservation starts with knowing, and then controlling how much is used.


The following hardware devices are supported.

  1. Brultech
  2. CurrentCost
  3. TED 1000
  4. TED 5000
  5. TED Pro

MSRP $99.99


Set the mood with our Lighting Family. Lighting is where most automation systems start. We control the most popular brands and latest technologies.


The following hardware devices are supported:

  1. ArtNet protocol
  2. DMX protocol
  3. Homeseer native driver
  4. HAI Omni
  5. Insteon
  6. ISY
  7. MiCasa Verda Vera
  9. OpenDMX
  10. Phillips Hue
  11. Lutron Caseta
  12. Lutron RadioRa Select
  13. Lutron RadioRa2
  14. Razberry Z-Wave
  15. UPB
  16. Vantage Infusion
  17. Zig-Bee
  18. Z-Wave

MSRP $99.99

Pool & Spa

Automate your Pool and Spa with our Pool Family.


Current supported devices:

  1. Autelis
  2. Jandy Aqualink
  3. Pentair

MSRP $99.99


Manage your security system from our Security Family. Remotely view status and Arm/Disarm your security system. Multiple systems are supported.


The following hardware devices are supported:

  1. DSC Security Panels
  2. Elk M1/EZ8
  3. GE Caddx
  4. HAI Omni
  5. Honeywell Vista
  6. Zig-Bee and Z-Wave door locks

MSRP $99.99


Automate your blinds using our Shade Family. Supports Somfy and other popular motors. Use myServer's voice recognition to say "Open the Blinds" and they open.


We are constantly adding new devices. Currently the following hardware devices are supported:

  1. Lutron Shades
  2. Somfy (RS485, RTS, RTSII)
MSRP $99.99


Our Switching Family enables control of popular audio and video matrix switchers. Remotely view status and change zones on your Audio Video matrix switch.


The following hardware devices are supported:

  1. AMX Autopatch
  2. A-NeuVideo HD-88 Switcher
  3. Ani-MOD
  4. Ani-MODZ
  5. Atlona
  6. Audio Authority
  7. AVAtrix (#562, 1156, 1166, HELIX)
  8. AVLink
  9. Blackbird 4K
  10. Blackbird 4x88
  11. Neothings (Entire Product Line)
  12. Gefen (8x8 Crosspoint)
  13. HDTVSupply
  14. Just Add Power
  15. KeyDigital
  16. Monoprice
  17. Neothings
  18. Octava
  19. Shinybow
  20. VideoStorm (Entire Product Line)
MSRP $99.99


Use our Video Family drivers to monitor your home or business from any place in the world.


Currently supported video cameras include:

    1. ExacqVision
    2. Axis
    3. BlueIris
    4. Foscam
    5. Toshiba
    6. Nearly all IP based video cameras
MSRP $99.99

Price $99.99

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