Allonis myServer interfaces are completely customizable. Using myDesigner you can create your own unique look and feel with its easy to use features for creating buttons and text as well as adding background images. Take control of how you use your automation system by putting buttons and features where you want. No other automation software provides this capability. 


  • Full color palette
  • Sizable buttons and shapes
  • Image and background control
  • Text font and type control
  • Font Awesome icons
  • Define a project and start creating a scene
  • Drag and drop interface allows quick scene design
  • Program your buttons using the State Variables and Commands Tabs
  • Make edits at any time

Take a Look Inside myDesigner

Creating a Project

To begin your project click on the New Project button on the top main menu. A dialog box will appear where you can define your project details. Give your project a name and description and then select your device from the drop-down menu. If the dimensions are different from any of the listed devices you can specify a custom width and height. You also have an option of selecting a background color or inserting a background image. When you are finished save your new project and then start creating your first scene.

Creating a Scene

To begin creating your scene click on the New Scene button on the top main menu. A new page will appear with your chosen color or background image already applied. At this point you can begin adding buttons, panels or text as well as any of the insertable objects located on the right side panel. You can drop and drag items around. There are many options for automatic aligning and quick movements built in as features. Start arranging and be creative.

Editing a Button

Above is the dialog box you get when you select the properties of a button. This is where you can create your desired button by filling in the fields for size, shape and color as well as other various options such as transparency and what type of button effect you would like to see when pressed. As you move down you will see a tab called label format. Here you can specify text, icons, font type and size as well as on off states for the button. The other two tabs are for programming what you want your button to do. This is achieved primarily through the use of server variables.

Inserting Objects & Images

One of the cool features of myDesigner is the option to insert predesigned objects onto a scene by dragging and dropping from the panel on the right-hand side. Objects such as sliders and gauges can be defined with regard to function, size, color, etc. in the object properties. There is also an image object which can be used to insert any picture or icon unto the scene.

Standard Set of Scenes

Along with the purchase of myServer comes two sets of standard scenes for the iPad, iPhone, Android Tablet and Android Phone. These scenes are editable with myDesigner and provide a great starting point to create your ideal interface.

In addition to these you can see more standard scenes under myServer apps. To view some custom designed interfaces see Interface Design Services.

Price $249.99