Netflix App Installation

Welcome to Netflix TV and Movies

Netflix is Allonis's application that displays the Netflix streaming movie and TV show availability and plays on a remote PC.

System Requirements

  • myServer5
  • Microsoft Windows (Vista, 7, 8, 10)
  • Playback PCs with fast, persistent Internet connection (for streaming media)
  • Netflix streaming account user ID / Password
  • Netflix driver
  • Desktop Chrome installed on player PC.  This includes the "Cadmium Player" that handles the Digital Rights Management.
  • myAgent installed on the player PC.


1) Install the latest version of myServer from myInstaller
2) Install the latest version of the Netflix app and driver
3) Install the latest version of the myAgent on all your playback devices
4) In the Netflix App, add your Netflix streaming account username / pass and select if you are a US or Canada customer.
5) Click Initialize Local Database.  After that is complete (see the Event Log), click Update Local Database.  This will bring to your myServer PC the current Netflix program guide and coverart.  This can take 45 minutes the first time (depends on your Internet connection speed).
6) Define your player PCs in the Family Manager in the AV Family.  Type a Friendly name (that is unique - this is what will show in your Zone selection), select the NetflixDriver, select Netflix Player, type what Zone or room it will be used in, the Level or Floor (optional) and the IP address of the player PC.  Select Default IP Port (6300 is used).  Configure all next player PCs in the same way.  There is no limit to the number of agents you can define. However, Netflix imposes a limit of 6 unique playback devices per account.

Restart myServer.

Configure all Player PCs:

1) Open latest Chrome Desktop app on the player PC and go to
2) Login with your streaming account info and ensure "Remember Me" is selected.  Chrome may ask "Do you want to remember this password?", select Yes.
3) Playback a movie to ensure your account is setup correctly and there are no issues with the Netflix HTML5 player.
4) Ensure latest myAgent is installed from myInstaller and running on all Player PCs.  No configuration is required for myAgent.


Launch the Netflix user interface screen on your control device (your Android phone or tablet as example).
Tools menu presents a list of the remote PCs where you will be playing the Netflix media that you configured within the Family Manager for each of these PCs.   Select one.

Select a movie to watch in the Selections menu

If the movie / show has Episodes, choose one.

Click the Play button.  You should soon see the Player PCs Chrome window open full screen and play your chosen movie.

The Remote Control user interface allows for control of the Player PCs transport controls.  It also allows you to shut down the Chrome browser remotely by clicking the Power Off button.

enjoy your movie!

How it works

The Netflix catalog is brought down to the myServer PC and is updated several times a day.

The Play command tells myServer to send the "Open Chrome" command to the Player PCs myAgent.

myAgent opens Chrome and goes to and invokes the stream you requested.

The Transport controls sends Windows Keystroke commands to the Chrome instance running Netflix.

The Power Off command has myAgent shut down the Chrome instance via a Windows command.


We have noticed that earlier Norton Antivirus will prevent Windows Keystrokes from connecting to Chrome.  This was addressed by installing latest Norton 360 antivirus.  Even shutting down Norton didn't fix the issue until it was upgraded.

Ensure your firewall(s) are allowing communication between myServer and myAgent on the Remote PC

Ensure you aren't using too many concurrent Netflix playerback instances



Browsing performance is gained by creating a local cache of the entire Netflix catalog on your myServer PC. The first time you install the plugin you will see a process called "NetflixCollector.exe" running in your task manager. This is the program that is responsible for downloading the Netflix metadata into the local cache. The fist time this program runs it can take up to 30 minutes depending on your Internet connection speed to download the entire catalog. After that this program will run every 4 hours to check for updates to the online catalog. Netflix makes constant updates to its catalog throughout the day. You should make sure you update your cache frequently. The collector will create a log of any errors it encounters in the myServer\Logs folder.

Sample Client Scenes

When you install the sample web pages you get one of the best Netflix browsers in the industry. The user interface is exactly like myMovies. You can browser by cover art and have the ability to filter and search on a host of different parameters.

Main Browser - Netflix\Netflix_Console_Thumbs

This is the primary browser window to the entire Netflix Catalog.


Filter Selections

Allows you to filter listings to narrow your movie choices.


Content Search

If the quick filters cannot find what you want then you can use the powerful search engine to find exactly what you are looking for. (Provided Netflix offers it.)


Movie Details

This is a full details scene where you can look at all of the metadata associated with the movie.


Remote Control

The Netflix Silverlight movie player has a very limited set of controls. The remote control scene will allow you to control the playback on the remote PC.


TV Episodes

When the browser detects that you are looking at a movie or TV show with episodes then the Episodes tab will be enabled and you will be able to browse and play the individual episodes associated with the show.


myServer Commands:


Script Usage

Netflix App|InitDatabase

(Literal): Netflix App|InitDatabase


Deletes all existing media from the local database.


Script Usage: Netflix App|UpdateDatabase


(Literal): Netflix App|UpdateDatabase

Description: Launches the collector and begins an immediate update of the database.


Script Usage: Netflix App|Browse~command


(Literal): Netflix App|Browse~First


Command = #,First,Last,Prev,Next

Description: Commands the movie browser to advance in the direction specified.


Script Usage: Netflix App|GetMovie~dvdNumber

(Literal):Netflix App|GetMovie~12345~1


dvdNumber = The unique dvdNumber for this movie.

DiscNumber = Optional Defaults to "1". The disc number in the set.

Description:Looks up the movie in the database and sets the "Netflix_Selection" series of server variables.



Script Usage: Netflix App|BrowseFilter~Direction


(Literal): Netflix App|BrowseFilter~Next


Parameters Direction = Prev or Next.

Description Moves the Filters page in the specified direction.

SetFilter Script Usage Netflix App|SetFilter~FilterItem~FilterValue (Literal) Netflix App|SetFilter~Genre~Action Parameters FilterItem = The core filter to use. FilterValue = The value for the applied filter. Description Sets the browser filter parameters to only display movies that match the specified parameters. ToggleScreening Script Usage Netflix App|ToggleScreening~DvdNumber (Literal) Netflix App|ToggleScreening~12345~1 Parameters dvdNumber = The unique dvdNumber for the movie. Description Toggles the movie in and out of the screening queue. PlayMovie Script Usage Netflix App|PlayMovie~dvdNumber (Literal) Netflix App|PlayMovie~1234 Parameters dvdNumber = The unique dvdNumber of the movie. Description Plays the specified movie / episode. SetActiveThumb Script Usage Netflix App|SetActiveThumb~Number (Literal) Netflix App|SetActiveThumb~1 Parameters Number = The thumbnail number of the movie to set as active. Description Sets the specified movie thumbnail as active. MovieSearch Script Usage Netflix App|MovieSearch~Command~Value (Literal) Netflix App|MovieSearch~NextPage Parameters Command = The page direction command Next, Previous, AlphaVal. Value = The value when using the command AlphaVal. Description Performs the search as specified by the user selections stored in server variables. Keyboard Script Usage Netflix App|Keyboard~Command (Literal) Netflix App|Keyboard~A Parameters Command = The letter or number of the keyboard key press to process. Description Processes the keystroke coming in from the search keyboard. ToggleContainsFilter Script Usage Netflix App|ToggleContainsFilter (Literal) Netflix App|ToggleContainsFilter Description Toggles the search filter for "Contains" to "Starts With" when performing searches. AddToScreening Script Usage Netflix App|AddToScreening~dvdNumber (Literal) Netflix App|AddToScreening~11221 Parameters dvdNumber = The unique dvdNumber for the movie. Description Adds the selected movie into the screening queue. RemoveFromScreening Script Usage Netflix App|RemoveFromScreening~dvdNumber (Literal) Netflix App|RemoveFromScreening~112345~1 Parameters dvdNumber = The unique dvdNumber for the movie. Description Removes the specified movie from the screening queue. SetBrowseFilter Script Usage Netflix App|SetBrowseFilter~class~value (Literal) Netflix App|SetBrowseFilter~Genre~Action Parameters Class = The filter class Value = The filter value. Description Sets the filter values for the movie browser. ClearScreeningQueue Script Usage Netflix App|ClearScreeningQueue (Literal) Netflix App|ClearScreeningQueue Description Removes all movies from the screening queue. GetNextPlayer Script Usage Netflix App|GetNextPlayer (Literal) Netflix App|GetNextPlayer Description Advances to the next media player. GetPrevPlayer Script Usage Netflix App|GetPrevPlayer (Literal) Netflix App|GetPrevPlayer Description Advances to the previous movie player. SetActivePlayer Script Usage Netflix App|SetActivePlayer~Number (Literal) Netflix App|SetActivePlayer~1 Parameters Number = The number or alias for the active player for the client. Description Sets the active player for the current client. InitBrowser Script Usage Netflix App|InitBrowser~Mode~ItemsPerPage~CoverWith~CoverHeight~ThumbWidth~ThumbHeight~MoviePlayerNumber (Literal) Netflix App|InitBrowser~Thumbs~18~288~383~112~168~1 Parameters Mode = The browser mode Thumbs or List. ItemsPerPage = The number of items to show per page. CoverWidth = The desired cover art width. CoverHeight = The desired cover art height. ThumbWidth = The desired thumbnail width. ThumbHeight = The desired thumbnail height. MoviePlayerNumber = The index into the MovieZones cycle states for the desired movie player. Description Used in the scene start up macro for the thumbnail and list view browser pages. InitDetails Script Usage Netflix App|InitDetails~CoverWidth~CoverHeight (Literal) Netflix App|InitDetails~288~383 Parameters CoverWidth = The desired cover art width. CoverHeight = The desired cover art height. Description Used in the scene start up macro for the movie details scenes. InitFilters Script Usage Netflix App|InitFilters~ItemsPerPage (Literal) Netflix App|InitFilters~18 Parameters ItemsPerPage = The number of items per page. Description Used in the scene start up macro for the filters selection. Beamer Script Usage Netflix App|Beamer (Literal) Netflix App|Beamer Description Is used as a feedback mechanism on the remote control scenes. RemoteBrowse Script Usage Netflix App|RemoteBrowse~Command (Literal) Netflix App|RemoteBrowse~Next Parameters Command = Direction to browse. Up, Down, Left, Right, Prev, Next, # Description Commands the remote control browser to movie in the specified direction. SetCredentials Script Usage Netflix App|SetCredentials~Username~Password~Location (Literal) Netflix App|SetCredentials~HappyNetflixUser~MyPassword~US Parameters Username = Your Netflix Username Password = Your Netflix Password Location = (Optional) Location. Use US or CA. Will default US Description Command is used to update your Netflix username and password. The credentials will automatically be passed to each Netflix agent when they connect. Power Script Usage Netflix App|Power~State (Literal) Netflix App|Power~Off Parameters State = On or Off Description Turns the active player off or on. Play Script Usage Netflix App|Play (Literal) Netflix App|Play Description Toggles Play/Pause on the active player. Pause Script Usage Netflix App|Pause (Literal) Netflix App|Pause Description Toggles Play/Pause on the active player. Rewind Script Usage Netflix App|Rewind (Literal) Netflix App|Rewind Description Rewinds the current movie. Forward Script Usage Netflix App|Forward (Literal) Netflix App|Forward Description Advances the current movie. Stop Script Usage Netflix App|Stop (Literal) Netflix App|Stop Description Stops playback of the current movie. Fullscreen Script Usage Netflix App|Fullscreen (Literal) Netflix App|Fullscreen Description Toggles Full screen / Window mode. Focus Script Usage Netflix App|Focus (Literal) Netflix App|Focus Description Brings the player into focus if lost. myServer Variables The Netflix App plugin will auto generate variables in myServer based on the settings you have entered. All the server variables created will start with the prefix Netflix_.