TuneIn App Installation

TuneIn is an alternate to the existing Internet Radio app providing access to additional sources of Internet based radio streams. TuneIn allows you to listen to local and the world's sports, news, talk, and music stations. TuneIn lets you hear what's happening right now on over 100,000 radio stations globally and enjoy two million on-demand programs, like podcasts, concerts and interviews.

Unlike the InternetRadio app TuneIn stations are browsed in real-time directly from the main TuneIn web servers. The app supports up to 4 unique radios allowing for simultaneous streaming of 4 different stations. All of the sample scenes have been updated to include the new scenes supporting TuneIn radio.

Some sample scenes are in the myServer HTML5 Sample UI Apps showing TuneIn in action. For U.S. residents local stations are pulled by zip code. If you live in Canada there are special codes that need to be used to access the local stations. Send us an email with the city you are in and we will let you know the code to use to access your local stations.