myPhotos Installation

Welcome to myPhotos

myPhotos is Allonis's application that displays your photo collection within your myServer user interface.

System Requirements

    • myServer5
    • Microsoft Windows (Vista, 7, 8, 10)
    • myPhotos App
    • Desktop Chrome installed on player PC.
    • Photos as jpgs, gifs on a shared folder



1) Install the latest version of myServer from myInstaller
2) Install the latest version of the myPhotos app
3) Make sure your folder for your photos is setup as a network share (ie:\\server\photos\family\).
4) In the myPhotos App, add a path to your photo top folder by first clicking the (+) button, then navigating to the photo folder.
5) repeat adding additional photo content folders as you need.
6) Update your HTML folder with the most recent photo web pages from the appropriate sample web apps (iPad, AndroidPhone, etc)

Restart myServer.


1) Open the new photo web page on your server
2) At the bottom right, you can select from one of your configured content folders.
You can then click on a deeper folder on the body of the page. If an image is not oriented correct, you can fix this by clicking the Rotate Arrow at bottom right of page. Note that this will rewrite the rotation in the original file so it always shows up in the future in the correct orientation.


Neat utility that seems to help batch fix photos to always show in landscape:

We installed it with both Folder and save date options selected as an Admin on Win 10 Pro.  Seems to have fixed orientation for all photos!