Google Play Music Installation

Announcing Google Play Music Available for myServer.


Tell Play Music what kinds of music you like—you'll get better recommendations.  Now that great experience is available integrated into your myServer media system!

The Songza music service was recently acquired by Google and is no longer available. At Google Play Music, you'll get the same experience, same music choices, same music experts crafting your playlists, and same low price: free.

Perfect music for any mood and all your favorite Play / Songza playlists.

Try Unlimited Free for 30 days Millions of songs at your fingertips, ad-free. First 30 days is on Google, then just $9.99 per month if you enjoy the premium experience.

Stream music Without a subscription to Google Play Music in the U.S., you can stream free radio stations based on your mood, activity, or your favorite popular music. You can skip songs up to 6 times per hour. Learn more about free radio. With a subscription to Google Play Music, you can stream over 30 million songs in the Google Play catalog ad-free. You can also skip songs as much as you like and listen to music offline. Premium accounts also can do Freeform Search for your special songs.  Learn more about subscribing to Google Play Music.

Create playlists and radio stations You can make playlists and start radio stations (in available countries) based on your favorite artists or songs in your library. If you subscribe to Google Play Music, you won't see any ads or skip limits.

myServer allows for the Google Play Music to be streamed to a myAVAgent PC (supports multiple sound card outputs as zones), or to a DLNA renderer, or to the Allonis myUI app running on an Android tablet or phone.  Tremendous flexibility!

Some Google Play products and features aren't available in all countries. See what's available in your country

If the Free account limits are exceeded, Google will shut down the music stream for a while.  If you listen to a lot of music, the Play $10/month looks like a deal.  And when integrated within a myServer system - awesome!

Price $49.99

How to Install Google Play Music on myServer5


  • Purchase GMusic application
  • Create a Google Play Music account
  • Setup an iOS or Android phone or tablet to use Google Play Music.  This will setup a device ID for you that will be used in myGMusic
  • Shutdown myServer5
  • Run myInstaller Installation on your myServer PC
  • If you are connected to the Internet, you should see the Google Play Music application listed in the Media category. Select and download it.
  • After the App is downloaded, click to install it.
  • Restart myServer

Setting up a Google Play Music account

  • Login or create a Google account
  • If you have a smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android), install the Play app and log in.  This will add your device to your account to track Play services usage.
  • Download at least one song (can be a free song) to your online Play account.  This addresses what seems to be an issue with Play to complete the user setup.

If you turn on two step authorization for my Google Drive access from multiple locations and devices you will loose the ability to sign in through myServer. To fix, login to "my security settings" in my google account on line and go to the applications passwords section. Creat a new device called "myServer" and auto-generate a google password for the app from the setup screen. Open the myServer GMusic app and enter the auto-generated password and then restart myServer. Like magic; You should now be able to sign in once more. Your mobile device ID should now be downloaded.

Configuring GMusic Driver

  • Double click on the GMusic app in the Server Apps window.
  • Click on the Radios tab
  • Add your Google Play Music login and password. Your choices will be saved when you close the App.
  • Restart myServer:  GMusic will authenticate to Google to bring in your unique device ID
  • The drop down should display your unique ID - select it.  This is the ID of the device you installed the Play app on while setting up your Play account
  • Configure your next Radio (optional) with either your Google Play Music credentials or another (to use their playlist favorites - note: you can't use one ID concurrently on more than one radio).
  • Choose if that Radio is using a local PC sound card output or as a Remote device using myAgent, if it is a DLNA renderer or if you are going to stream to the myUI application on your Android device (Webclient).  Type the network name of the device you will be using.
  • Close the Play Music App

Setup Zones on where to listen to  your music: Click HERE

Using GMusic:

  • Go to your browser, go to your Home page on myUI.Tablet web app and click on the Zone selection on the bottom left.
  • Choose your zone you would like to listen to
  • Then click the Sources button, then Google Play.
  • If playing via a Webclient (configured as a Radio), that playback device needs to be running the myUI application or a Chrome browser needs to be running.
  • Click the Browser button
  • Click the Home icon
  • Select the channel you would like to listen to
  • In a few seconds, your stream should start playing.
  • Enjoy the Music!

Let's configure Pandora next.  Similar to GMusic so it will be easy!  Click HERE