myInstaller Installation

Welcome to myInstaller

myInstaller is Allonis' application that helps the integrator or the DIY user install all of the key software for the myServer suite. myInstaller connects to Allonis' software distribution file server and downloads the very latest released Allonis software. The application will check what's been installed on that PC and if there are any updates for that component.  myInstaller works with Allonis's Subscription Manager to show and download applications that the subscription covers.

System Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 10, 8, Windows 7 with all the current service packs and security updates. (32 or 64 bit versions. 64 bit recommended). Windows 2008 Server OS or newer is supported. XP cannot be used.  Vista should not be used.
  • .NET 4.5.2 or newer installed prior to myServer software
  • Modern dual-core processor or better
  • 2GB main memory. (4GB or more recommended)
  • 100GB free disk space
  • optional: login account for Allonis's Subscription Manager

The ideal PC for using our software is a Core i5 processor with 8GB of memory with a SATA III hard drive running Windows 10 Home or Pro 64 bit. SSD drives are recommended for speed and reliability. For additional reliability, a RAID 1 operating system (where myServer software is typically installed) drive setup is best for redundancy.

Install myInstaller app on any PC where you need to install any other myServer suite software. Examples would be the primary myServer PC and optionally, a PC where myDesigner will be installed (your daily use desktop PC where you will be developing your web pages), the PC where myAgent is installed (optional remote zone support PCs).

At the bottom of the installation documentation will be links to install other Allonis software products in a typical sequence to success.  If you are exploring the software trial, follow the "Ultimate" links to experience most of the suite.


NOTE: It is recommended that you temporarily disable any anti-virus software during the install of the software. Once these products are installed it will be safe to re-enable your virus software. The installer modifies firewall permissions to allow the components to network properly.

It is also recommended for the PC to be running the latest Google Chrome browser.  Other browsers likely will work, but Allonis does all testing on Chrome and it is highly recommended.

Ensure you have applied all Windows service packs, updates and especially .NET latest files BEFORE installing Allonis software to it.

Step 1: User Access Control (UAC)

Windows 10, 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista support a security mechanism called User Access Control. While meant to be a tool to keep users from doing harm to themselves it really hinders the users ability to freely install software on their PCs. The very first step is to make sure that you have turned off UAC. To do this follow these steps:

  1. Go into the Control Panel and select the "User Accounts" applet.
  2. Click on "Change User Account Control Settings"
  3. Slide the vertical slider all the way down to the "Never Notify" position
  4. Click OK. See the following illustration for an example.

Step 2: Allonis Installation Assistant

Download and install the Allonis Installation Assistant (myInstaller). You can download the latest version from HERE

Check the icon created on the desktop. It should have a shield graphic on it. If not, Windows 10 and 8 Users must now take one additional step. Right-click on the "I" icon that was created on the desktop to change the properties of the icon. Go to the compatibility section and make sure you check off the box that says "Run this program as an Administrator"

Step 3: Open Allonis Installation Assistant

  • Section A in the Allonis Installation Assistant table lists the prerequisite software that is required to run myServer5. You must install them in the order they are listed only once on the PC that will be running myServer. Note that if you have already installed myInstaller following these instructions, you don't need to install "#1" again.  To reinstall myInstaller, download the file, shut down myInstaller application and then manually launch the file from the myServer\Downloads directory.
  • Section B in the Installation Assistant table lists the software that is required to support the user interface of your choice.
  • Section C lists the optional Allonis App software.
  • Section D describes optional Agent software that is optional support software installed on myServer and additional PCs.
  • Section E lists the Allonis Drivers that support hardware devices that is installed on the myServer PC.
  • Section F lists the support software that supports the myServer installation. It is optional to download these components standalone as they are automatically downloaded during the "SQL Server 2014 and Data Migration App (in Section A) which is the normal installation path. For advanced users, you can download the SQL client application that allows you direct access to the myServerSQL database.
  • Section G lists beta and demo Allonis software that should not be installed unless recommended by Allonis.

Step5: Login to your Account

Click the Login button

Enter your Allonis website / forum user name and password.  Click Save.

If you have an Allonis Software Subscription, the file list will repopulate to include the optional updates (in blue).

Step 4: Install your software!

Follow all the instructions presented during the installation. The installer will automatically select the correct installation components 32bit or 64bit depending on the operating system in use. The default installation directory is c:\program files (x86)\Allonis\myServer. You can change the default drive letter (keep the directory structure same) but it's simpler long term to install to the defaults.  If you decide to NOT install to defaults, then you must install all of the software in the SAME myserver directory.  myInstaller, myAgent, myContent, myDesigner CAN be installed in secondary locations.  Note that each product will ask where you would like to install.  Be careful especially on that products first time install to set the directories correctly.  Subsequent updates the installer should Reinstall to the same directory you chose earlier.

  1. On myInstaller launch, if it is installed on an Internet connected PC, it should download the list of the most up to date components. It will also compare the versions installed on the same PC. If installed and old, it will be highlighted Red as an available update. If you have not installed that component, then it will never be red.
  2. Click the checkbox on software to be downloaded to that PC. You can select multiple choices.
  3. For the "Ultimate" / Trial installation, select: SQL Server, myServer, myContent, myDesigner, myUI, myUI for phone, myUI for Tablets, Calendar, GMusic, Horoscope, Internet Radio, Irrigation, myDrinks, myMovies, myMusic, myPhotos, myRecipes, Pandora, RSS, TuneIn, Weather, myAgent, A/V Driver, MediaPlayer Classic, Family Device Simulators for Climate, Lighting, Shades, Switching. 
  4. Once all choices selected, click the Download Selected button.
  5. Once all products are finished downloading review your choices for installation. If you would like to install them, click the Install Selected button.  You can also Clear Selections and select a different file to install by clicking on it.
  6. Each installer will launch, install, shut down. myInstaller will then kick off the next installer until all are done.  It is recommended to install the files to the default directory.
  7. myInstaller will update the install versions for all products on that PC.
  8. Shut down myInstaller application when all installers are finished.

Next Up:  Let's install the SQL Server database and myServer application!  Click HERE

The Update Database button grabs the list of the latest available updates from Allonis.  It also reviews the version of each file on the local system.  Be patient, this can take a few minutes where the app may seem unresponsive.

The View Downloads button will open File Explorer to the location your downloads will be saved.

Stop myServer will shut down the myServer app so you can install new applications and features.