Autelis Pool Controller installation for myServer.


Autlelis supports both Pentair and Jandy pool controllers.  myServer now supports Autelis.  So, you can view the status of your pool or spa and control it's primary functions from a myServer user interface.  Sit in your hot tub, grab your water resistent iPhone 7 and raise the temperature, turn on the spa jets and mix in some bubbly air.  Turn on the Spa Zone music, the RGB lights and relax!


  • myServer
  • Autelis controller installed and connected to the pool controller
  • Pool controller (Jandy / Pentair) installed, configured and running with a user name / password assigned.
  • Autlis myServer driver
  • Pool / Spa Family license for myServer (purchase below link)


Price $49.99

How to Install Autelis driver on myServer5


  • Purchase Pool / Spa Family for myServer
  • Configure your Autelis controller on it's embedded web page.
  • Shutdown myServer5
  • Run myInstaller Installation on your myServer PC
  • If you are connected to the Internet, you should see the Autelis driver application listed in the Pool  / Spa category. Select and download it.
  • After the App is downloaded, click to install it.
  • Restart myServer

Setting up the Autelis driver

  • Click on Device Driver
  • Click on Autelis driver
  • Go to the Climate Family and add a new device.
  • Create a unique device name, assign a Zone and Room (Pool?)
  • In the Address field in Family Manager use Username:Password@IPAddress naming convention that is recognized by the Autelis controller.

Using the Pool / Spa control:

  • Go to your browser, go to your Home page on myUI.Tablet web app and click on the Zone selection on the bottom left.
  • Click the Home page Menu link (top left)
  • Click on Pool / Spa Control.
  • Click the Browser button
  • Click the Home icon
  • Enjoy the your Pool / Spa!

Let's configure Pandora next so you can listen to music as you soak.  Similar to GMusic so it will be easy!  Click HERE

Autelis driver supported commands


Autelis driver supported variables