Vantage Lighting

myServer supports Vantage Lighting Systems

Vantage is the paramount centralized and now wireless lighting control system in the industry.  Allonis is proud to announce that not only have we developed a polished integration with myServer and Vantage, but we are also an authorized dealer of Vantage products.  We can engineer, specify, install, program and integrate the best in lighting with the best in automation and media control.

Allonis’ Vantage controller driver adds a robust scalable and luxurious way to control your Vantage lighting devices.

Some general Vantage benefits:

  • Beautiful control switches that are available in many materials and finishes.  Each button is then custom engraved with the intended function.
  • The lighting modules have infinite control over the dim levels that can make efficient LED lights perform like an incandescent dimmable light - smooth and flicker free.
  • Scalable from medium sized to the largest commercial buildings and yachts.
  • Vantage quality is second to none.  And their finished appearance speaks to it.
  • Allonis can completely integrate the Vantage controller with the rest of the myServer system. Easily control your entire lighting system from any number of the customer user interfaces available.
  • Control everything from your tablet or phone with one App.
  • The Vantage controller can be programmed to light a path as you enter and progress through a hallway, shut down lights when not needed, support vacation modes, variable speed fan control, and on and on.
  • Known for their centralized systems: Each controlled light is "home run" wired to the lighting controller and each wall switch is low voltage wired to the controller - but needs to be wired when the home is under construction.
  • Vantage now supports RadioLink communications where an existing wall switch can be upgraded to a Vantage RadioLink switch.  This provides similar high end appearance, with excellent lighting control as the centralized system but can be installed in an existing home.  Vantage also supports hybrid- some devices are centralized (when adding a new addition to the home) and RadioLink for the existing wired lights.
    • QMotion shades are supported by Vantage, and now by myServer as well.


Some of the many keypad styles available:


Fully supported by Allonis.  Vantage Lighting is only available from Certified established dealers.  Please call Allonis at 586-504-8502 to discuss your needs.

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