Model 3000 Automation Controller


The key to a robust and secure Home Automation System is to make sure it runs on a dedicated automation controller. The automation controller is the central hub where everything happens. It is responsible for running the server software and communicating with all the other technology in your home or business. While the server software is capable of running on a shared computer we strongly believe that a dedicated computer offers better security, reliability and peace of mind. Allonis has decades of experience in the assembly and integration of all forms of PC equipment. We select and assemble only the best components for all our hardware offerings. Our servers come to you fully configured and optimized for the best possible performance and reliability.

The 3000 series controller also can be used as a media server with it's RAID5 high capacity hard drives.  You can use this for your myPhotos, myMusic or myMovies content.

If you are running an older generation PC as your current controller, now is the time to upgrade your hardware with a new myServer controller.

3000 D 313SE MATX 01


Equipment Rack 3U system: Model 3000

  • Capacity: The Model 3000 can handle any residential and just about any small to medium business automation need.  Compare this with other MUCH higher priced automation systems that require a controller PER ROOM due to their inability to handle capacity.
  • Control: The Model 3000 controller comes standard with 4 serial ports to control various automation and audio/video equipment. More ports can be added. Let us know what you require.
  • Reliability: Keeping your automation system up and running is critical. The Model 3000 server comes equipped with redundant Solid States disc drives in a RAID 1 configuration. If one fails, the other serves as a backup and you will automatically be notified of the problem.
  • Low Noise: The server is quiet enough to be used in open environments.
  • Media: HDMI and 7.1 Audio provides for High Definition movie playback or up to 4 unique zones of stereo audio.

3000 Controller

Price $2,129.99

If you are not DIY oriented, add our QuickStart package to help you configure the system for your individual needs. Includes up to 5 hours of professional services to configure your system:

QuickStart Package

Price $399.99

Performance Specifications:

  • Intel Core i5 Quad Core Desktop Processor
  • Windows 10 Home (64 bit - Optimized for myServer)
  • (2) 500GB SSD Drives [Raid 1 for backup protection]
  • (3) 4TB Enterprise drive for media storage

Standard rear panel connections include:

  • 2 - USB 2.0 connectors
  • 4 - USB 3.0 connectors
  • 4 - DB9 serial port connectors
  • 1 - HDMI connector
  • 1 - DVI connector
  • 1 - PS2 Keyboard/Mouse connector
  • 1 - Gigabit network connector
  • 1 - S/PDIF Digital audio output
  • 1 - 7.1 Analog audio outputs
  • 1 - 750W Energy efficient power supply
  • 1 - Black Steel/Aluminum 3U rackmount chassis

Pre-installed Software:

  • Windows 10 Pro (configured specfically for use as an automation controller)

Allonis builds our controllers to order. Select the software you would like for us to pre-install for you LINK

Longevity: This server has the capacity to control all the systems in your home or business. With our modular software you can add new functionality at any time by simply installing the software control elements you need. You do not have to worry about upgrading your hardware just because you want to control lighting, climate or any of our other automation components.

Please note: Due to the volatility of the PC component market, and to keep up with ever changing PC technology, Allonis reserves the right to exchange components for like kind replacement without notice. We always use current generation hardware when building our servers. Allonis server components are warranted by the original respective component hardware manufacturers.

Custom Servers and PC configurations are available upon request. Please contact us with your specific needs and we can custom build a server to your exact specifications.

Price $249.99