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    Sports Bars

    Experience our Sports Bar TV, Audio and Lighting Control System with our awesome demo! We provide multiple TV control systems that will easily integrate your Audio/Video and environmental components into one easy to use package. Let multiple hand-held remotes be a thing of the past and experience hassle free one-touch control. With the versatility of myServer 6, you may be able to retrofit existing equipment into the control system which makes it economical to get the most value out of your technology investment.


    With a whole new exciting look and feel our transparent "Moonlight" user interface allows clarity and ease in maneuvering your lighting floor plan, climate control, security cameras, and security keypad as well as entertainment options. Control all aspects of your home with simplicity and confidence.

    Digital Signage

    Allonis makes it easy to control and launch your media content. We have created software that ties in seamlessly to your bar or restaurant control system. Upload new images and videos, discard old ones, decide what to play or post and where with just a few selections.

  • Sports Bar & Restaurant Demo

    Select a source on the left and then select the TVs you would like to change on the right.

    Along the bottom are options for a DirecTV remote, TV Guide, Audio, Favorites & AppleTV. In addition you can touch the video camera on the left hand source options to get a live preview of what's playing on that source. Be sure to click around and try everything.

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    Customer Listening Experience

    Pan from left to right and up and down to see all the TVs.

    Customers can select the TV closest to them to tune in to the audio.

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    No Floorplan Option.

    If you are not interested in a navigable floor plan we can provide a generic interface instead.

    The same features are supported.

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  • Residential Demo

    Below is our residential simulation.

    Be sure to click around and try everything. Read more about the UI below.

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  • Digital Signage

    In the large window select a player on the left. Then select an option layout on the right. Select available assets from the list provided. You can add a ticker of either a message or weather by checking the boxes. When you are finished making selections click “send to player”. Your choice will appear on the corresponding player above. To pause a video click the player once.

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  • SmartRemote Demo

    Below is our SmartRemote simulation.

    Be sure to click around and try everything. Read more about the UI below.

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Our Products

See the latest myServer 6 products, available for individual purchase or part of a custom Allonis system built especially for your project.
Sports Bars

The Generic Serial Driver is intended for end users to have the ability to control simple serial (RS232) devices.

It is for one direction control (no feedback).  If a two way driver is needed, Allonis can be retained to develop that as a full driver for you.

ASCII and HEX commands are supported.

The primary command is "SEND".

Each Device requires one Device license unit to enable it.




The  gets imported in Dashboard / Management  / Generic Serial. Put the file in the myServer/data folder. Then from dashboard ImportSerialModel|JVC-Projector.serial


genericserial database management like IR management is done in dashboard. The genericserial driver like the globalcache driver gets its serial commands  from the stored database

IP serial devices are commonly on telnet port 23.  You should consult the protocol documentation for specifics for your device.


Prefix is the string that is used to start the command. Optional.

Suffix is the string that is used to end the command. Optional.

Terminator is the string termination character. Optional but usually \r or \n.

Mode tells the system if the devices talks plain text (Ascii) or binary (Hex).

Each device can support an unlimited set of commands.



Generic serial won't support a rest api.

Use the myServer GetUrl|<<any url>> like  GetUrl|

Or better
You could create a macro called "SoundBar"
The macro would look like:

Macro| GetUrl|< p1 > 

Then from the designer buttons you can call the macro with the button press using a server command like


Macros accept parameters and the <p1> reference means replace the first parameter passed here.
Parameters are referenced in numerical order <p1>,<p2>,<pN>