myServer 6's TVGuide brings the convenience of viewing current and near future shows on the Tablet.

Select which DirecTV or CableTV tuner and click the Guide button.  Click on a current playing program and your tuner will immediately go to that channel.

NEW:  Click on a program in the near future and a popup will appear asking if you want to schedule tuning to that channel so you can plan your day.

Click on the Heart next to the station and add it to your Favorites.  Click on the Heart at the top of the page and your favorites are shown in the filtered view.  You can also filter the list by sports, movies or music channels.

The TVGuide application uses Allonis's optional TVGuide data service that is an annual subscription fee.  An email address for that system is needed to get reminders for annual payment.

The TVGuide is a very popular addon to the SportsBar system as it makes the system super easy to use.


The last image is what the automation event looks like. Once it fires, it will automatically delete itself.  One can modify this macro to do a number of optional tasks including turning on a projector, dropping a projection screen, switching the AV matrix to have that video source go to the projector output.


Typically in the driver, do not  enable the static field. That is only for custom channels that get added that DO NOT appear in the downloaded listings.


Channel Remapping

If your cable box supports a channel, but that channel doesn't appear in the TVGuide Listings, you can add it


After you have created the channels, run backfillstatics to create the dummy listings.  That will happen automatically on each nightly sync. When you add on the fly run the backfillstatics