Thank you for considering myServer 6 to control your Sports Bar / Restaurant / Public Venue control system.

myServer 6 makes it easy for non technical persons to operate sophisticated Audio / Video distribution systems.

Allonis is one of the leaders in this space and has much experience in integrating systems together with attractive and easy to use interfaces.

We provide a very unique offering of the products AND the custom programming that allows less experienced installers to create a professional system.


Allonis's experience with many projects allows us to efficiently build and program a cost effective system when our tried and true processes are followed.


Here is the implementation process:

  1. Customer contacts Allonis and describes hardware and function capabilities desired. For complicated systems, a system architecture / wiring diagram may be required by Allonis.  This is to minimize time spent in trying to interpret function and how things will be wired.
  2. Allonis provides a quote to achieve those goals which are ESTIMATES of time that might be required and hardware.
  3. Customer approves and pays in full for the products and services.  All systems are custom and hardware generally is ordered for a particular project, so payment in full is required.
  4. Allonis provides the programming spreadsheet to be completed by the Integrator.
  5. The Integrator COMPLETELY and ACCURATELY fills out all relevent fields in the spreadsheet and emails back to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  6. This spreadsheet is the secret to success and must be treated seriously by the Integrator for an efficient, succesfull project.  ALL information to be programmed is ONLY communicated via this document.  emails /  pictures / text messages are not used to communicate programming information needed.  All changes / updates must be communicated by updating same spreadsheet.  If the Integrator is not comfortable with planning out the network (which does NOT require any hardware to be installed), they should immediately contract a networking professional locally to assist.  Allonis can also be contracted to provide systems engineering and networking expertise.
  7. Also required is a floorplan provided in a CAD file (any other file formats takes more time to process and is an additional cost) and a graphic of TV locations and orientation with their identification numbers (1,2,3...).  These TV numbers should match the corresponding rows in the spreadsheet and often is also the sequence of how the TVs are connected to a video matrix switch.  Feel free to add Text to the diagram to show what side is what ie: "Street Side" vs "Pool Side" to give reference.
  8. The standard floorplan is for a single low complexity small facility.  Multifloors, complicated layouts take more time and is invoiced for the incremental hours.  You can send your CAD plans (or PDF) for an estimate before the project is committed.
  9. Once system is paid for and all required programming materials is available, Allonis will order hardware and pre-program system (create user interface, pre-configure settings) and ship.  This can take as little as one week or longer for larger system or ones that require customization of software / hardware.
  10. Integrator should receive the shipment and install and network all components as per the existing spreadsheet.  Any changes after pre-programming is subject to Change Control and will be invoiced at our agreed labor rate on an hourly basis.  So please double check the spreadsheet and diagrams provided for accuracy.
  11. The integrator must contact Allonis with several days notice on when ALL devices will be a) installed, b) networked, and c) enabled for control.  Allonis will then work with the integrator on scheduling an Allonis programmer to remotely work with the Integrator who is on site.  Allonis will be assigned ONE individual (typically the Integrator) that is experienced and completely familiar with all aspects of the project that will have continuity for the duration of the project.
  12. Please provide several days notice if there is a cancellation of appointment.  There is a $300 fee for each appointment missed without prior notice.
  13. Common for an existing facility is to "cut over" from the old system to the new myServer managed system.  Most of the work (configuring static IP addresses, floorplans, etc) can be done with no affect to the manual system that likely is in place (handheld remote controls).  Each project has it's particulars so consult with Allonis on what can be used in parallel to the myServer implementation and switch over seamlessly.
  14. It is critical that all devices are network "Pinged" to ensure they are on the network at their assigned addresses.  If a device is found to not be online, this must be rectified immediately.  Check each device off in the Allonis spreadsheet to be thorough and organized.
  15. If the system is found not to be ready for final programming and testing or not available online for Allonis remote access, Allonis will invoice the additional hours needed to start / stop / aid the installation so that Allonis's contracted work can continue.  The original quote assumes that the system will be completely ready for programming and testing and all documents provided meet the above standards (ie: CAD).
  16. Once the system is completely programmed, the Integrator should test all functions and immediately report back to Allonis if any are found to not work correctly.
  17. When the Integrator is satisfied the system is working, they should train the client's staff on how to use the system.

Post installation, all changes (like adding a new TV or replacing one) are to be communicated same as original requirements.  The original spreadsheet should be updated, renamed with today's date, and emailed along with changes to the floorplan / TV locations diagram or other relevant documentation.  Allonis will then provide a quote to do the changes, and on an agreed schedule, remotely make the needed changes.


Common information needed:

Basic Network Setup

DirecTV Driver

LG WebOS Driver

Samsung Tizen TV Driver

Audio / Video Integration for Video

Audio / Video Integration for Audio

Device Networking

Setting up an iPad / iPhone for system access

Here is a list of tasks that need to be completed by the installer on site before Allonis can engage and program the myServer controller and test:


  1. Allonis spreadsheet completed and accurate and sent back to Allonis with all networking information.  Think of this spreadsheet as the Blueprints the system is built from and how all folks involved commonly know what is to be built and how.
  2. A CAD readable floorplan file that we directly build the floorplan graphic(s) off of.
  3. A graphical file (almost any type) that has TV locations on the floorplan and TV numbers noted (1,2,3...) this is how the TVs will always be described by wait staff and also the order the TVs are in the spreadsheet, and also the order that they are wired in an HDBaseT video matrix chassis.
  4. DirecTV devices need to have external control and Playing Now functions enabled in each DTV receiver's setup menu.
  5. All IP TVs to control have external control enabled
  6. All ethernet devices are on the Control network and addressed as per the Allonis spreadsheet.
  7. The addressing is either Static or Reserved DHCP so the IP addresses never change
  8. All sensitive electronics are on a Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) so the system doesn't get voltage spikes and doesn't get ungracefully shutdown during a power outage.  Our User Interface includes a Power Down button (on the Power scene)  to gracefully shut the myServer controller down if a power outage is needed or occured.
  9. Video matrix is wired as per the spreadsheet and on the ethernet network.
  10. "iPad" is on the Control system Wifi network