Add the LG WebOS driver from myServer 6's Software Updater.

The easiest way to add a TV to control is to enable External Control on the TV, and then click the Discovery button in the driver.  You will see in the driver myServer scanning all IP addresses on all active NIC (ethernet and Wifi ports) for any TVs that the driver should support.  This will then auto add discovered TVs to the driver's list of configured TVs.  Once added, you can edit the TV device's Alias Name for easy identification.  For installations that have many TVs, use a logical naming convention like "TV1, TV2, TV3....".  You should also name the TVs in the order they are to be displayed, which should also be the order the TVs are installed into the video matrix switch (if used).


(NOTE: WOL will not work via WiFi if myServer is on ethernet so no Power On will work)


Device type should be "TV".