How does Allonis' control system capabilities stack up to alternatives?

See for yourself:

Feature  Allonis myServer Video Matrix built in DirecTV App GameView DTVGame
Control Video Matrix Yes Yes No  Yes Yes
Control Non Video Matrix Yes No Yes  ? Yes
Video Wall Control Yes Yes No  Yes Yes
Dedicated Controller Processor (instead of an "iPad App") Yes No No No No
Control via iPad Tablet(s) Yes - 5 at a time standard Yes Yes  Yes 1 - more Xtra $
Control via Android Tablet(s) Yes Yes Yes?  No No
Browser based (no app required) Yes Yes No  No No
System Presets for easy daily setup Yes No No  Beta ?
Control via Smart Phone(s) Optional Yes No  Beta Beta
Control via PC Yes Yes No  No No
Accessible via Internet Yes No No  Beta No
Internet required? No No Yes  Yes Yes
Phone ear bud audio streaming of any HDMI source Optional No No No No
Manages the Control Network devices for easy install Optional No No  No No
Number of possible control devices Unlimited (5 standard) 1 1  Beta 1
DirecTV Channel control Yes No Yes  Yes Yes
Custom intuitive floorplan Yes No No  Yes Beta
Bar/Restaurant custom logo Yes No No Optional Small, Lrg Xtra
"Favorite" Channels Yes No Yes  Yes Beta
Integrated Digital Signage Optional No No Basic No
IP TV On/Off Control Yes No No  Yes Some
IR TV On/Off Control Yes No No  Yes Yes
RS232 TV On/Off Control Yes No No  Yes No
Streaming TV App Control Yes No No  No No
Projector On/Off Control Yes No No  Yes No
All On/Off button Yes No No  Yes Yes
Cable TV Guide on Tablet Optional No No  Yes Beta
DirecTV Guide on Tablet Optional No Yes  Yes Basic
Schedule TV Show viewing on Tablet Optional No No  Yes Beta
Web UI from any Browser Yes Yes No  No No
Multi Zone Audio Matrix Control Yes No No  Yes Beta 
Play Audio file on "Panic" button press (sports) Optional No No  No No
HEOS Audio Control Yes No No  No No
Sonos Audio Control Yes No No  No No
Roku Control Yes No No  No No
Apple TV Control Yes No No  No No
TuneIn Music Yes No No  No No
Live HDMI Preview on Tablet Optional Yes No  Yes Yes
Lighting automation (many types) Yes No No  No No
DMX Lighting Control Yes No No  No No
Blind and Shade Control Yes No No  No No
Climate Control Yes No No  No No
Security camera view Yes No No  NVR only No
Customizable User Interface and Rules Completely No No  No No
Password customization of rules Yes No No  Yes Beta
Private room Zone control Yes No No  No No
Monthly DirecTV Cost No No Yes  No Yes
Monthly support fees No No No  ? Yes
Tech Support Yes Yes No   Subscription
DIY / Dealer / OEM installation options DIY / Dealer / OEM assisted DIY/ Dealer DIY / Dealer Dealer Dealer
Easy reachable Phone support Yes Yes No   ?
Upgradeable via Internet Yes No Yes  ? ?
Cost One time $ Free with Matrix DTV Quote   Subscription


Allonis' myServer 6 Sports Bar/Restaurant control system is the most capable system in the industry - at any price. While our system is not the least expensive, it is by far one of the easiest to use. Once up and running it usually takes less than five minutes to get comfortable using the system. We provide professionally built custom user interfaces designed for the specifics of the project.

Our sports bar control system is built on the powerful myServer automation platform that brings extensibility and functionality beyond what typical video control systems can offer. For example: If your hometown team scores, push the "Big Red Button" and myServer plays your favorite team cheer to enliven the bar.

Add the optional "myStreamer" hardware that allows your bar patrons to scan a QR code (like on your menu) that opens a webpage of your floorplan on their iPhone. They click on the TV they are watching, and are then able to listen to that broadcast on their phone's ear bud speakers. This makes YOUR bar the go to place to watch any game (not just the big game).

You can also control your lighting, climate, live IP cameras (for security), security systems, and much more. Allonis' myServer control system powers it all.