TRO.Y™ is an expandable IP based PoE automation and control gateway for 485 shading systems that enables control over IP and 232 from all popular systems such as Control4, Crestron, Lutron, and many more soon. This is a full-featured gateway that provides remote access for easy servicing and built-in web server for commissioning and motor limit setting. Works with 485 screens and shades and can also control Zigbee and RTS motors when paired with a wireless gateway such as LinkPro Z or others. Plenum rated and rack mounting.



Works with
Power Input
Power Consumption
Max. Wiring Distance
• Nano Shades
• Zen Shades
• Solo Pro 2 Screen
• Motorized 3 / 5 Screens
• Decoflex keypads
• Janus
• Fontus
• Duocoup
• LinkPro Z
• TaHoma
• Situo RTS remotes
• RTS Receiver (RTS to 485)
• Smoove keypads
• Telis remotes
• Solo remote
• Connect
• Jopplin enclosure kits



IP Control with built in 4 port data hub
• Third party integration with 485 motors via
PoE and RS232
• 16 Bus power units per port (x4)
• Advanced control options for all motor types,
RTS and Zigbee via its TLS encrypted link
• Can use wired 485 or wireless RTS keypads to
control Zigbee shades or screens
• Built-in web browser based commissioning,
multi-platform compatible (PC/MAC/Mobile)
• Single interface for 485 motor, keypad, and
RTS Receiver programming
• Third party keypad integration
• 4 times the processing and bus architecture
compared to other 485 gateways
• Innovative SI proprietary site files and
templates to store and accelerate
• Exclusive assignable node ids for 485 motors
saving time and money on third party controls