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myServer 6

myServer 6

myServer 6 is a comprehensive and reliable system at the heart of your smart home or business. Now i..


Pi 4 1U Rack Mount

Pi 4 1U Rack Mount

For most installations, including sports bars, restaurants and small to medium sized homes, the 1U r..


myDesigner 6

myDesigner 6

myDesigner 6 is included with the purchase of myServer 6 and runs on Windows 10 or newer.  myDe..


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Allonis' Sports Bar Basic control system requires no training to control Video Matrix switches and up to 8 DirecTV receivers for up to 20 televisions.   Upgrade to Floorplan view for larger systems.  Add optional TV control to turn compatible TVs on / off with a click.

For most installations, including sports bars, restaurants and small to medium sized homes, the 1U rack mount is used to ensure a tidy installation.

Steel 1U 19" Rack mount that can support up to 4 Pi's (myServer plus myCapture, plus myAudio, plus myMediaPlayer, etc)

Up to four hours of Allonis' professional services to configure most sports bar systems.  Includes up to 8 DirecTV receivers and 20 TV matrix outputs.

Video Walls, CableTV sources, TVGuide, etc. are optional.


This labor estimate is based on receiving timely, accurate and complete system information.  Please complete the spreadsheet available HERE and email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For a system quote, we need all of the system and project relevant information without IP and MAC addresses (which are normally only available after the system is installed and powered up).

Allonis' Sophie Template runs on myServer 6 automation system.

Provides an industry leading simplicity to control extensive electronic systems by untrained users.

Configurable to support DirecTV, CableBoxes, Dish receivers, PC inputs, Video Jukeboxes, DJ inputs etc.

Very easily select TVs to send the video to via several supports Video Matrix hardware.

The template is formatted for use on most popular tablets including Apple's later generation iPads, Samsung Tablets, and even inexpensive Android OS based tablets.

The templates are webpages that require NO software to be installed on the tablet.  Simply email or text the system URL to the user.  With a click, the user is able to load the user interface and control the system - typically with no training at all!

The Template supports video walls as well, when configured with the optional video wall programming service.

Supports Now Playing and Channel Name for DirecTV receivers.

Supports the Optional TV Guide subscription service that displays the TV guide ON the tablet (not on the TV) for super easy selection of channels.

Favorite channels (and their icons) make it easy to choose common channels.

Configurable to support swiping the floorplan to navigate multiple floors.

The template can be enhanced with the optional Floorplan graphical service.  Large floorplans can be clicked on with a finger and "panned" from one side of the floorplan to the other (Floorplan creation is an optional service).

This purchase link is to purchase the required 500 license units.  Click HERE to purchase additional licenses if needed to enable additional services.