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myServer 6

myServer 6

myServer 6 is a comprehensive and reliable system at the heart of your smart home or business. Now i..


Pi 4 1U Rack Mount

Pi 4 1U Rack Mount

For most installations, including sports bars, restaurants and small to medium sized homes, the 1U r..


myDesigner 6

myDesigner 6

myDesigner 6 is included with the purchase of myServer 6 and runs on Windows 10 or newer.  myDe..


myServer 6
myServer 6
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Be the first to receive one myServer 6 Rack mount Controller and a SmartRemote for the ultimate remote control experience at a super low price. Includes modular 1.5U rack mount myServer 6 with 50 device licenses, SmartRemote, SmartRemote charge base, Thank you for your early support!

Allonis's SmartRemote, paired with myServer 6 is the most capable remote control on the market.  The touchscreen (a browser) can display any of the customizable user interfaces that are installed on the myServer 6 controller.  The buttons are also completely programmable on myServer 6.

The SmartRemote includes a lit and weighted charging base.

SmartRemote connects through your WiFi access point to myServer 6 controller.

Requires: myServer 6 controller.

myServer 1.5U Modular Case Server can power the largest of automation systems.


Raspberry Pi4 4 gig RAM with 128gb 400mhz USB boot drive

Wall mounted USB-C power supply is included

myServer 6 license with 50 device licenses.  If you require more, add additional license packs to your order.

Ordering details

Select which back plates in addition to the Pi4 plate you would like (total of 3).  If no selections are made, the case will come with two blank plates.  Note, the electronics for the other plates are optional.

myServer 6 is a comprehensive and reliable system at the heart of your smart home or business. Now in its sixth generation of maturity, we believe myServer to be the most capable automation system on the market. Our system provides customers the peace of mind necessary for comfortable and secure living and work. We provide home and business owners with an easy to use system that can be customized to meet a wide variety of needs.


    • myServer 6 runs on Windows 10, MacOS, Linux (Debian and Ubuntu) and Raspberry Pi OS. We recommend the inexpensive but powerful Raspberry Pi 4/5 based on its low system price with great performance.

    • myServer 6 incorporates a built in high performance web server. Any modern web browser can be used to both configure and to control the system. Just point your browser to the system URL and you are working.

    • Apple and Android devices can be configured for full screen native app like control.

    • Our software "drivers" know how to "talk" to thousands of different devices. Ethernet, Wifi, Bluetooth, Serial, Infrared, CAN, Modbus, RF, DMX, Z-Wave, Zigbee, can be supported.

    • The system is installed within the home or business and not in the "cloud". Thereby eliminating all Internet connection issues.

    • Automation Rules can be configured to run sophisticated macros that get triggered based on events. e.g. date/time, security violations, motion, mood, etc.

    • User configurable task scheduler allows for robust automation control. “Every day at 7:00 play my wakeup music”.

    • An Allonis system provides a fully customizable user interface for Apple and Android tablets and smart phones.

    • Comprehensive daily Weather forecasts are Included in the base system. This data can be displayed on the user interface as well as used for automation logic ("don't water the lawn if it is supposed to rain tomorrow").

    • myServer 6 is self-monitoring and runs 24-7 unattended.

    • The purchase or myServer 6 enrolls you in Allonis’ Software Subscription Update Program for one year.


    Allonis is unique in the automation market as we offer programming and configuration services with the purchase of our software. If myServer’s out of the box capability needs to be stretched for the particulars of your usage we also offer custom software development. Thirdly we provide graphical design services such as floor plans for our home automation and sports bar products. Contact Allonis LLC for details.


    myServer 6 is sold with a perpetual license for quantity of devices and optional applications. There is no requirement to pay ongoing subscription costs. An annual subscription is available for updating to the latest software for the major version you purchased i.e. v6. The annual software update subscription is very popular as many service providers change their systems which may require a change within myServer. Access to updates are enabled by the update subscription.

  • Allonis also offers subscriptions for automatic cloud backup and local TV Guide listings.