• DMX - eDMX1 PRO Ethernet DMX Controller 5-pin

myServer now supports DMX devices!

DMX has gotten tons of support from many hardware manufacturers

Allonis now introduces our eDMX1 PRO Ethernet DMX Controller that adds a robust scalable and inexpensive way to control a myriad of new devices.


Some general DMX benefits:

  • Easy to install
  • Supports tons of pro level lighting devices
  • Quick response
  • Well established communication protocol

Some eDMX1 PRO Ethernet DMX Controller  benefits:

  • Easy to install. Our new myServer driver makes it super easy to add a new DMX controlled device to the network and control system.
  • Supports a TCP (ethernet) connection that allows you to reuse your existing computer network to add the controller in just the right area. The device optionally also supports a WiFi connection.
  • Tested with quite a few DMX devices.
  • myServer seamlessly supports multiple eDMX1 PRO Ethernet DMX Controller controllers if you have an outbuilding, pole barn, boat house, or other seperate building that is too far away for the DMX wired network to reach.
  • Big Plus: eDMX1 PRO Ethernet DMX Controller and myServer are on your LOCAL network. No requirement for your system to be connected to the Internet cloud.  This greatly increases reliability (especially during inclement conditions) and response speed (near instant for most systems).
  • Supported by Allonis LLC. We are and have been around to help.
  • Continually adding and supporting new DMX devices for lots of choice.
  • You only need on App...no need for multiple Lighting apps on your smartphone for the multiple functions you need to control.
  • Compact and robust this single universe Ethernet DMX512 node suits a wide range of applications. With power supplied via a USB mini-B socket many power source options exist since almost any USB port or USB charger/power supply will work just fine including USB ports on many wireless routers. You choose 3-pin or 5-pin XLR so no inline adapters are required. Both DMX512 output and DMX512 input functions are supported along with E1.20 RDM. Designed and manufactured in New Zealand to the highest standards the eDMX1 is the perfect first step into DMX512 over Ethernet. Same functionality as the eDMX1, but slightly smaller size and lower price.

    Includes USB cable, but does not include power supply. Please see USB Power supply for an approved and tested USB Power supply with the correct amperage.

    All configuration options are stored in non-volatile memory on the device, so even if you need Windows for the configuration utility, you can still use this with other computers once it's configured.

    Supporting both Art-Net and sACN the eDMX1 is ideal for your single universe Luminair controlled rig right through to complex distributed high universe count applications.


    Main Features

    • Supported operating systems: Any with Ethernet networking support. Windows, MAC OS, Linux, iOS, Android.
    • DMX512 Out or DMX512 In functionality over Art-Net / sACN E1.31.
    • E1.20 RDM over Art-Net support.
    • Tough metal enclosure.
    • Available with 3 pin or 5 pin XLR socket, no adapter purchase required.
    • External 5Vdc power input USB mini-B socket. Can be powered from computer USB port.
    • E1.11 Higher Protection Level “DMX512-A Protected” device.
    • Fully compatible with *ALL* software and hardware that supports Art-Net I, II & 3 and sACN protocols.
    • Configuration utility (Windows only) with basic Art-Net output/input test functionality.
    • Firmware updates can be performed by end user.

    Documentation and Downloads


    Equivalent Hardware

    • Enttec Open DMX Ethernet ODE ($275)

System Requirements

  • myServer 6
  • Lighting Family
  • TCP network connnection (wired or 802.11n wireless)
  • 110 volt receptacle
  • DMXIP myServer Driver

DMX - eDMX1 PRO Ethernet DMX Controller 5-pin

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  • Product Code: eDMX1 PRO Ethernet DMX Controller 5-pin
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  • $149.99

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