myServer powers AVPro's Canvas CSI automation controller!

6/8/2018: InfoComm 2018

Canvas CSI Logo Black300

AVProEdge and Allonis have partnered to create AVPro's Canvas CSI automation system as a value priced control system that features complete automation of the Cloud9 video matrix / video wall hardware suite.

Video walls and distributed video systems can be complicated to operate.  myServer provides an easy to use interface that typically requires no training to immediately use the system to it's feature capability.  It is as easy as:  Select a video wall style (2x2, 3x3, Normal mode, Multiview, Quadview), select a source (DirecTV1 - X, CableTV, BlueRay etc), and click on the graphical video wall quadrant and the system puts your video exactly where you wanted.

The Cloud9 and the Canvas CSI server are perfect for Sports Bars, Restaurants, and higher end residences with complicated A/V systems that need to be tamed for the end user.


Quadview allows easy selection of a source to go into one of four quadrants that display on a single TV within the Video Wall.  Perfect for previewing security cameras or viewing stock ticker tapes etc.  Multiview supports all eight sources on one screen.

Unique with the Cloud9, is the ability to make a portion of the video wall span displays, while the rest of the TVs remain independent to view other content sources.

The Cloud9 supports up to 1080p and can scale from it's standard 9 inputs / 9 outputs up to infinity by cascading additional Cloud9 switches.

The myServer Canvas CSI controller is completely scalable to include Lighting control (including DMX / RGB), security integration, climate control, irrigation, camera DVR control, matrix sound system control.  The server can also be upgraded as a full media content server including Pandora, Google Music, iRadio and more!

For additional information, contact David Li of Allonis LLC 586-504-8502