Emergency Alerts How To

Using myServer to alert occupants on significant Alerts


With the recent fires in California, and reading of the many people that slept through the Evacuation notifications (including one of our Dealers), we want to provide some documentation of how myServer might help in these cases by waking the occupants to be aware of the critical notification.

What most might not know, is that the new myServer Weather App provides for notifications for just these types of events.

Allonis will consider the possiblities and add the functionality into a future release to help ensure all can benefit and be safer with minimal custom coding (which you can do today).

Here are the possible alert scenarios that are supported:

{{weather_alert_N_response}} can be one of the following:

"Shelter – Take shelter in place or per instruction";
"Evacuate – Relocate as instructed in the instruction";
"Prepare – Make preparations per the instruction";
"Execute – Execute a pre-planned activity identified in instruction";
"Avoid – Avoid the subject event as per the instruction";
"Monitor – Attend to information sources as described in instruction";
"Assess – Evaluate the information in this message.";
"AllClear – The subject event no longer poses a threat or concern and any follow on action is described in the data element instruction";
"None – No action recommended";

{{weather_alert_N_urgency}} can be:

"Immediate - Responsive action should be taken immediately";
"Expected - Responsive action should be taken soon (within the next hour)";
"Future - Responsive action should be taken in the near future";
"Past - Responsive action is no longer required";
"Unknown - Urgency not known";

Having that data in myServer, myServer can then be programmed to wake up the family.

Many ways to do that.  Likely best is to use an ELK M1Gold security system to trigger the siren.

Security|<>~SpeakWord~392 (392 is the siren wav file)

It could be programmatically alternated in a myServer Macro with 

Security|<>~SpeakWord~177 (177 is the word "Fire")

But, our thoughts is that the word "Fire" might confuse the occupants that there is an Active Fire on the premises, which might not be the case.  The word "Emergency" is also supported natively within the ELK.  You can also program the ELK with up to six custom phrases that could be invoked by myServer.

In thinking about this, one could just send the ELK command to actuate the "FIRE" button on a keypad.  Or, one could wire a relay under myServer's control, that triggers a hard wired ELK zone that is configured in the ELK as a Fire Zone.

Note from ELK / Official Statement:

“When creating Rules and/or utilizing third party integration/automation equipment in conjunction with either the ELK-M1G or ELK-M1EZ8, ELK Products Inc. does not recommend directly activating Output 1 or Output 2 to produce a siren sound and/or voice annunciation.  As an alternative, a person that wishes to implement an alert or emergency condition should consider activating one of the hardwired input zones programmed for an appropriate and applicable alarm condition, which may be made possible by using a dry contact relay.  ELK Products Inc. makes no representation of suitability for any emergency condition other than conditions which are documented in the ELK-M1G or ELK-M1EZ8 installation manual and have been evaluated by Underwriters Laboratories.”

Allonis's concern is to not overtax the security system monitoring company's resources if there is no active Fire on the premises (ie: False Alarm).  Our thought is that the goal is just to wake the occupants and then make them aware of what type of notification to augment existing support systems.  The occupant or the actual fire sensors can then trigger an actual Fire alarm on the ELK keypad or the myServer keypad webpage, if that is a current real issue.

Of course, you could also tie in a whole house audio system to: turn on all zones, play a prerecorded audio "evacuate.wav" file eg: "Alert....Alert....Evacuation is Recommended"....repeat within a macro, at high volume when "weather_alert_N_urgency = "Immediate - Responsive action should be taken immediately" is true.

Certainly, myServer needs to have Internet connectivity to receive the Notifications.  We are also developing a sophisticated network router that also supports LTE failover to provide increased up time.

As mentioned earlier, Allonis will consider how we think the Weather Alerts might help and configure that into a future release of myServer and Sample web pages.  As you see above, you can do this today in your system in many different ways which highlites the flexibility of myServer, and the tight integration with the very capable ELK security system.