Allonis supports businesses in connecting your customers with your products.

Allonis provides the technical foundation necessary to connect the customer to the product info and then to the Sales Consultants to close the sale.

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Kiosk Details

  • Kiosk base cabinet with interchangeable product trays
    • Product trays are available for:  Rings, Watches, Necklaces, Eyewear, Perfume, Hair products, etc.
    • We can custom design a new kiosk to an entire interior to meet your stores needs (branding, color, trim, shape, etc)
  • Technology platform:
    • myServer controller - the brains of the system that typically would be plugged in behind a counter.
      • Optional touchscreen can be added as a second kiosk station.
      • Can also be used as a full building automation controller - lights, media, climate, security, etc.
    • wiFi tablet for presentation and Selfie support.
    • Secure kiosk tablet mount and power supply.  Flexible gooseneck for ADA compliance.
    • Allonis myServer kiosk software suite.
    • Optional wireless product detection hardware that automates relevant product marketing information to match the item the consumer has picked up to increase sales.
    • Optional rechargeable battery to provide extended wireless kiosk use.  Typically the kiosk would be plugged in to ensure constant power.
    • Allonis can customize and brand the system for you.  Give us a call and let's discuss!
  • Pricing
    • Standard Kiosk Cabinet (24" x 24" x 36" tall): $700
    • Swappable product tray (Ring, Necklace, Watch, Eyewear trays - each): $50
    • myServer controller: $2199.99
    • Touchpanel and mount: $649.99
    • Optional 5 hour Get Started consulting (installation assistance, loading of inventory, system networking, etc): $400
      • Each additional hour: $100/hr