New System Management Options:

The system management page has been updated with new features. You access the System Management options by clicking on the Admin Tools button preset admin on the home page, Figure 1.

 preset tv power

Figure 1

This page will now provide additional feedback on the status of some of the equipment connected to the controller.

The three new signage players are listed in the left column. The red X shows that the signage player is not seen on the network. When connected to the network this red X will change to a green check.

The red power icon on the player button will show if the controller is communicating with the Signage player. If it is red communication is lost. When it is green it is successfully communicating with the Signage player. If either icon is in its red state clicking on the Signage player button will attempt to reboot of the Signage player.

The red X next to each of the TVs also denotes that the TV cannot be found on the network. When the controller is successfully connected to the TV this red X is replaced with a green check.

The center Administrative Options will give you the option to Restart the Server or even Reboot the server. If, for instance, there was a power failure and you did not think that all the equipment is communicating properly you can try to restart or reboot the controller. Both of these buttons will attempt a graceful shutdown and restart of the controller. The rule of thumb here is to first attempt a Server Restart and then if needed try a Reboot of the Controller. Whenever unsure of what you should do please remember to call technical support for further guidance. Both of these options will pop up a confirmation dialog which must be acknowledged in order to perform the operation, Figure 2.

 preset restartconfirm

Figure 2

Finally, from this Administrative Options dialog box you have the new options to accessing the Task Scheduler and Digital Signage products. Each of these items will be discussed separately below.

myServer 6 Task Scheduler