myServer 6 Pi4 Hardware installation


myServer 6 Pi is Allonis's pre-built automation controller developed for small to medium complexity systems.  It was designed primarily for Sports Bars and Restaurant systems for it's low cost, reliability and rack mount options.   It will run in a 30 day demo that supports up to 50 device licenses (some devices consume more than 1 device unit).

myServer 6 Pi is configured so that it can run "Headless".  No need for a monitor or keyboard / mouse to be connected.

1) Remove the automation controller from the packaging

2) Ensure the USB boot drive is plugged into the Pi4's Blue USB 3.0 port for high speed (USB is recommended for high performance and reliability and is the method used for all sports bar / restaurant commercial projects).  If using SDMicro, carefully insert that into the SDMicro port.  Note that if you have Both plugged in, the Pi4 will boot from the SDMicro by default.  If the USB doesn't boot, the firmware needs to be updated and configured for USB.

3) Plug in the USB-C 3Amp power supply cable into the end USB-C connector.  Do not use lower amperage power supply (like for a phone).

4) Optionally plug in a wireless USB keyboard / mouse receiver into an unused Pi4 USB connector.  Optionally plug in an HDMI Micro cable to the HDMI micro connector closest to the USB-C power connector.  Plug the other end of the HDMI cable into a powered up HDMI monitor.  Rack mount versions use a standard HDMI connector (not MicroHDMI).

5) Optionally connect the ethernet connector to an Internet accessible LAN port (recommended for reliability).  If no ethernet connection is available, WiFi will be used.

6) Plug in the power supply into a 110v wall outlet.  The Controller will then boot.  It is recommended that all of the sensitive electronics (including myServer 6 controller) is plugged into a UPS to ensure it is protected against brown outs or repetitive power down / power up cycles.


When the Controller boots the following happens:

If connected to the network via wired ethernet the Controller will boot in about 3 minutes, and connect to the network. The Controller will get it's IP address from the network's DHCP server.  Once on the network, use a network connected phone or laptop and within a browser, type http://<<ipaddress>>/<<YourBarnName>> in the browser URL window. 


On 64 bit Linux OS, the application installs to this directory:


Pi user = allonis and default password = allonis



myServer 6 should always be on an IP address that never changes.

This can be done on the network's DHCP Server by reserving an IP address for the myServer 6 controller's MAC address.

Or, the myServer 6 Controller can be setup with a Static address.  Contact Allonis to assist with setting the address up remotely.  Note that it is very important that Allonis has the proper networking details to ensure that it can join that network and still maintain Internet connectivity so Allonis can remotely connect to it.  If this process fails, then the local user will have to contact Allonis for a difficult process to locally get the device back onto the network.