What hardware and software is needed to accomplish the end goal, and how does it all get connected. That's what Integration is all about. Allonis myServer software is the "super glue" that ties it all together.

Leverage our experience in ideation, hardware selection, wiring, user interface design, software control to make it simple.


Allonis products can be purchased as software only, installed on in-stock Allonis hardware, or customized to your needs. We offer consultation on all elements of the project. If you are in Michigan, we directly install systems. If you are outside of Michigan, we have integrators that can provide expertise. Give us a call and let's discuss your project specifics.


  • Wine Cellar design and construction - bottle security, back lighting and wine selection / inventory and cooling system managed by myServer.
  • Landscape and Pool lighting - We specialize in DMX lighting that dance with the music.  Managed by myServer.
  • Landscape and interior audio - We are a dealer with James Loudspeakers and many others.  Supports standard and custom speaker designs.  Audio managed by myServer.
  • Custom Home Theater design and construction - Complete services including design for audio and visual excellence, sound proofing, sound conditioning, motorized and fixed drapery, sound isolation spring suspended coffered wood ceilings, star ceilings, coreographed lighting, media selection, equipment control, orchestrated by myServer.
  • Sports Bar / Restaurant media control systems - Design, equipment selection, installation, tuning. We are a dealer / distributor of AVProEdge and HDTVSupply high quality matrix switches for 18gb and video wall support.
  • Custom Kiosk fabrication and installation - An Allonis custom kiosk for your company's greeting room will provide over the top announcement of who your company is, and what you do.
  • Product Kiosks - We specialize in jewelry and eyewear kiosks that tell your customer about the product in their hand without the intrusiveness of a sales consultant.  Calls your expert consultants into the conversation when the customer is ready.
  • Clothes, shoe, merchandise automated carousel control - bring your favorite possessions to you to wear or purchase.  Maximize the utility and style of your floor space.  Automated by myServer's touchscreens.