Allonis S 128

New with myServer 6 is the ability to find all myServer servers on the network.

Simply go to a browser, and type:

A webpage will open and the servers found on the network will be listed.

You can then click on a link and go to that server's default webpage.


How does it work?

When a myServer 6 server starts it connects to the cloud and registers it's IP address and configured port.

There is a cloud REST service that compares the public IP address your browser is using, to the public IP address myServer registered with and displays the matches.  Once a night, myServer will update it's current IP address, just in case it changed.  Certainly the controller needs to have access to the Internet for this to all occur.


When you go to the default web page, you will see a list of the web projects that are setup on that controller if more than one project exists.  Clicking one will launch it.  You can then save this link in your browser to directly access it.

If there is only one web project on the server, you will go directly to it.

The myServer6 configuration webpage is accesible at http://IPAddress:Port/dashboard (default is port 80 which then :Port is not required in the URL)



What if myServer is not on the network?

If your myServer 6 controller is on your ethernet network (cable is plugged into the controller), then it should get an IP address from your router.

Raspberry PI4:  If your controller is not plugged in to a network connection, but is to be connected via WiFi instead, then power up the controller in and wait 30 seconds.  Then, use a smartphone and connect to the "Allonis_WiFi" access point in your phone's WiFi settings.  Once connected, a web page will load.  If this doesn't happen, ensure you are still connected to Allonis_Wifi.  There may be a popup message to "Stay connected, even if Internet is not available".  Click Yes.

On the new webpage, click to search for Wifi access points.  Select the WiFi name you want to connect to.  Enter it's password CAREFULLY.  It is case sensitive.  Once you click OK, the controller will reboot and connect to the new network.  You can then use the link.

Darn, I mistyped my Wifi password.

Well, myServer on next reboot will realize it can't connect to that Wifi network.  It will then go back to it's defaults and reboot again so you can attempt to connect with the correct credentials.