The Harmony driver will give you direct control of the Activities and Devices that have been defined on the Hub.  myServer connects to the Harmony Hub on the local network.  Internet is not required.

 Harmony myServer 1

Harmony Hub info can be found here. (

This was designed to extend the SmartRemote's capability to include support for all devices and launch all defined Activities defined in the Harmony Hub.  Logitech advises this is 270,000 devices across 6,000 brands!

Harmony supports up to 15 hubs to be connected to a Harmony User's account.  The myServer driver can connect to as many hubs as you have.


Harmony Hub

If you want to reset the Harmony Hub back to factory defaults (this deletes all settings), click the reset button and then plug the hub in.  The light at the front will flash for 30 seconds indicating it is resetting.

Download the Harmony Control app to your smartphone.  Launch it.  Click and hold the Reset button on the Hub.  Front LED should flash red.  Click Setup New Hub in the app.  If you have two hubs, both should appear in the list.  Connect the correct hub via Bluetooth (this can take a minute).  Enter your Wifi network ID and password.  This will be updated in the Hub to connect to your IP network.

Create your Logitech userID email / password.  Do not use social media login option.  Accept licensing.  If the hub needs new firmware, it will download and install and take 3-5 minutes.

Click "Set Up New" in the Harmony App.  The Hub may have found IP devices that are on your network.   Keep selected the devices you want this Hub to control (like for this room).  You can then click Add Devices to find devices that may not have been discovered (like any IR device that is not on your ethernet network).  Type in Make / Model.  If found, it will be added.

Once done adding devices, click the > button to save your selections.  Now, Test each device.  Fix any devices that aren't working correctly.

You can optionally create Activities.  If you are using this only with myServer (including SmartRemote), we would recommend you create and support Activities in myServer Macros instead.   You may need to create one Activity to complete setup in the Harmony Control app.

Within the Harmony smartphone configuration app, go into Harmony Setup / Add and Edit Device and Activities / Remote & Hub /  Enable XMPP connectivity.

You can double check the Hub's IP address in the Versions menu of the Harmonay Control app.



Add the Harmony driver from the Software Updater and navigate to the drivers page and open the Harmony driver.

You have the option of letting the driver discover your Harmony Hubs or manually adding one via the command builder.

Press the Discover button for auto finding or use the AddHub command as shown below. Make sure you enter your actual Harmony username and password in the required fields.


Your hubs will be added and shown like this


The next step is to place each of your hubs into its appropriate room. Click on the pencil icon to edit the hub and use the drop down to put it in the right room. If the room does not exist cancel the edit and go over to the rooms page and add the room. Then come back and make the edits to the hub.

When you click save after a few seconds you should see the screen automatically refresh with all the Activities and Devices it found on the hub.


Go over to the Sources & Apps page and you should see that it has automatically created a new source for each of your Harmony activities and devices.

The sort orders have been set to that all the Activities and Devices will be grouped together on the user interfaces.


The system has also automatically created activation macros for each of these sources.


Look at the Sources & Apps by Room page to confirm that the sources are tied to the room. Feel free to disable (un-check) any you do not want to use.




Your SmartRemote home page should now display each of those Activities and Devices as clickable icons. Activities are show with a green icon and the devices in a blue icon.


Click on an activity and that activity will automatically br triggered on the hub. You will also be brought to a page for the activity. On this page you will see a list of all the commands that have been associated with that Activity. Also any Activity command that has a command that matches one of the hard buttons will be tied to that button. Play, Stop, Pause, etc..


To get back to the home page either long-press on the back hard button or click on the Harmony icon in the upper left corner.

Clicking on a Harmony device will set the device as active and automatically take you to the device control page. You'll see a list of all the available  commands and just like with activities any command that has a matching hard button will be tied to that hard button's short press.



Please report any issues or feature enhancements on our user forums.