Allonis A 128

HiSense produces excellent value TVs for residential and light commercial duty.

myServer 6 provides easy integration into the control system for reliable control.


The myServer 6 driver connects to the HiSense TV using MQTT communications.

Driver Installation:

Download the HiSense driver from the myServer 6 Software Updater.  The driver will self install.

Go to the Drivers section and select Configure for the LGTV driver.

The supported commands are listed in the Commands drop down list.

Use the AddTV command to add a HiSense TV to the network.

Enter the HiSense TV's IP address and MAC address and room name of the TV to control.

Run the Pair command for the TV in the Driver (click on the TV on the bottom left of the Driver configuration) to control to requests an authentication token from the TV.  You should see a popup message on the TV.  Accept the connection using the HiSense provided handheld remote control.  You should only need to Pair once, unless the tokens are removed from the TV using the TV setup menu.  The Auth token should show up in the TV configuration Row (top right).

You can then run other commands like Mute or VolumeUp or Power Off.  Note that some commands only work on some TVs and if the TV is in the context for that command.


 To control power to individual HiSense TVs in the Sportsbar template:

Add to the api call on the scroller object in myDesigner 6:

/api/getpowercontrols?driver=samsungtizen,highsense  (omit samsungtizen if only HiSense TVs are used)