Allonis S 128

IFTTT ("IF This, Then That") integration with myServer

Read More about IFTTT HERE.

Originally posted by TMCGOWAN on the forum.

System Requirements

  • myServer
  • IFTTT account setup

Setup your router to ONLY forward port "X" to 6246 both TCP/UDP on whatever IP myServer runs. Make port X something unusual like 8567. This will be the example going forward.

Make sure your myServer PC has a static IP or use NoIP or something similar.

Start your trigger in IFTTT, and for the "that" use the Maker channel and:
Make a web request: command in myServer, macro, etc>>
Method = GET
Content Type = Text/plain
Body (leave blank)

And Viola - now you can use IFTTT. This can be used with the Amazon Echo, but there's limited echo "ifs" - but it works.

You can use the Amazon Echo Alexa Trigger Channel with the IFTTT recipe method (posted by artdustman on forum).