Allonis C 128


myServer 6's iMatic driver controls a 8 relays via TCP (ethernet) control.  It supports status of each relay as well.  This allows the relays to do a limitless number of functions including lighting control, Irrigation management, thermostat control, gate and motor control, etc.

The implementations are unlimited.

Because of myServer 6's "Family" structure, you can use several different types of relays and associated drivers in one myServer 6 control system.



  • myServer 6
  • Allonis's 8 or 16 IP relay hardware for as many relays as required.  The driver supports an unlimited number of relay controllers.
  • IPRelay device driver
  • Adaquete quantity of myServer device licenses for each relay output (each "zone")

Install the IPRelay driver from within myServer 6's Software updater.

Plug in the IP relay hardware into a 7 - 14 volt DC power supply using the barrel connector (2.1 x 5.5mm).  Also plug in an ethernet plug connected to same network your myServer6 controller is connected to.

Wire the your device to control to the IPRelay's contact points.  The device can be normally closed (has continuity when relay is Off) or normally open (has continuity only when relay is On).  The device voltage and amperage must be rated within the specifications printed on the top of each relay.




Install the supported relay hardware as per it's instructions.  Add the relay controller to the system HERE

Open the devices webpage.  This should default to  Click the Edit IP address / Port button.  Enter a new static IP address that is unique on your network.  The 8 relay "Port" default is 30000.  The 16 relay is 3000.  You can make this any number you want.  Click Save.  Then, change the browser address to the new IP address to ensure the device is on the network.  Note:  the "Port" is not really a port number at all.  It is just a custom URL path.  So, the device is always on Port 80 and cannot be changed if you need to Port Forward your firewall for some reason.

Within the IPRelay driver, click AddDevice.  It will be assigned by myServer a unique Device ID that will be used for commands.  Controller Name should be a unique name for the device you assign.  The Type is IPRelay. The IP setting should be  the IP address of the relay board.  Configure the Port with the "Port" number you set the relay device on.

If all is plugged in and configured, myServer should create variables with the actual status of the relays.

The relays can be actuated by sending a command "Control|1~Relay~On"  The Command builder in the iMatic driver shows other related commands.


Relay 04 102 1024x1024


You can then create your own rules when relays should turn on / off for automation or develop your own web template page with buttons to manually trigger each relay.  You can also use Allonis's myIrrigation applet which provides sophisticated management of your landscape watering systems.