Setup for Infrared control of popular cable receivers

It is important to install the IR emitter to the proper location on the Cable Box receiver.



Below please find some X1 boxes along with photos depicting where to find the IR Target Eye locations (notated in yellow square), as well as the manufacturer name, X1 Platform name and any pertinent notes.

Important point: ALL X1 boxes (excluding the RNG150 models) can do both RF and IR. 

For larger images of more information, please message me.

Below is the Samsung XG2, manufacturer model number (on the bottom of the unit) is SX022ANM

Samsung XG2 IR.png

Below is the Samsung RNG-150N, manufacturer model number SR150BNM

Samsung RNG150N IR.png

Below is the Pacxe XG2, manufacturer model number PX022ANM. Please note, the target is small and will appear as a tiny triangle centered just below the face of the unit.

Pace XG2 IR.png

Below is the Pace XG1, manufacturer model number PX001ANM

Pace XG1v1 IR.png

Below is the the Pace RNG-150N, manufacturer number PR150BNM

Pace RNG150N IR.png

Below is the Pace Xi3, Manufacturer model number PX032ANI.

Pace Xi3 IR.png

Below is the Pace XiD, Manufacturer model number PXD01ANI.

Pace XiD IR.png

Below is the Cisco XiD, manufacturer model number CXD01ANI

Cisco XiD IR.png

A few more important notes to remember regarding IR usage. First, all X1 boxes use the same IR codes. So, if you change from one X1 box to a different model X1 box, you will not need to change any IR codes in myServer 6 configuration. Some boxes have different sensitivity concerns with the IR signal, but the codes are the same.

Second, you cannot use Legacy Box IR codes with X1 boxes. They will not work. The same goes for the reverse; X1 codes will not work with Legacy products.

Lastly, not all Legacy product IR codes will work across different Legacy products. Many will, but some will not.


It is also important to ensure that the IR emitter output is only seen by the cable receiver it is installed on.  The IR emitter should be covered so as not to allow IR leakage to other IR receivers.