Allonis introduces the MediaEngine App.

The MediaEngine App (MEA) is a Sub-Second Latency Streaming Server with Large Scale and High Definition using LLHLS and WebRTC.

Now myServer can stream media content to large audiences of hundreds or more with sub-second latency and be scalable, depending on the number of concurrent viewers.

The MediaEngine App is usable for many use cases.  Allonis originally developed it for the "myAudioStreamer" (mAS) product.  mAS allows sports bar patrons to listen to any of the TVs audio channel via your smartphone's ear buds so you can listen to what you are watching.

MEA is also usable for viewing IP cameras in a myServer webpage.

Display streaming TV content in your myServer webpages like we use within Allonis's Digital Signage products.

Allonis also uses MEA in our Video Intercom products.

myDesigner 6 provides the new "Stream Player" web component for displaying video and audio enabling your myServer 6 webpages that you design.