myAudioPlayer are IP based media players that run on a Raspberry Pi 4 (2,4 or 8 gig versions).

All of the players provide excellent audio quality.

Available are DAC (Digital to Analog Convertors) that accept an IP media stream and convert that to audio.

Allonis supports versions that provide low level outputs (RCA jacks), Toslink (optical digital output to feed an AV receiver), as well as amplified outputs (speaker wires).

Both can be connected to the network via ethernet wire (Cat5/6) as well as WiFi (wireless).

WiFi can connect wirelessly much longer distances than Bluetooth radios.

Allonis's myAudioPlayer software supports easy "headless" (no display or keyboard / mouse required) installation and configuration.  Just type in the IP address of the device in a browser (or the computer name you assign it) and view the configuration settings pages (note:  UI won't appear on Pi HDMI port without the browser).

Takes about 10 minutes to get a myAudioPlayer up and running on your myServer 6 control system.

The software supports "Party Zone" which synchronizes all chosen players to play back the same media with very low latency between the players to minimize any echo effect.

All of Allonis's music services can be used with the myAudioPlayer devices.  Pandora, Internet Radio, Tidal, Google Music, myMusic local music etc.


myAudioPlayer uses "Moode" DLNA player.

The moddecfg.txt file can be configured on lines 18 and 20 with the Wifi accesss point ssid and password.  It is then put inthe root folder on the s's boot partition.