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myDesigner 6 is a unique and sophisticated tool for editing our standard v6 user interfaces or creating personalized ones specific to your business or residential needs. Integrators have the freedom to create what they want their customers to see and how they want them to use the system.


The V6 UI

Our version 6 software user interface (UI) also referred to as “Sheer” comes as a collection of customizable pages designed for both tablets and phones. Based on industry standard web technologies the Designer gives you the ability to easily modify every element on the page. Change text, colors, images, objects and programming as you desire. The features and possibilities are endless. In many instances you may want to just change text or an icon, place a new button or image all of which are achievable quickly with myDesigner 6. Pages are immediately updated and reflected on the UI when you refresh the page.



  • Define and create new projects or edit existing one.
  • Manage project files and properties.
  • Image and background control.
  • Drag and drop buttons, text labels and widgets.
  • Button and image sizing and styling under properties.
  • Select  font, text size or choose from thousands of Font Awesome and Material Design icons.
  • Button programming using state variables and macros.
  • Standard Material Design colors as well as additional full color palette.



myDesigner 6 is designed to run on Windows 10 or newer. 


how to get

When you purchase myServer 6 be sure to add the myDesigner 6 product in the shopping cart. There is no charge for the application as long as it is purchased with myServer.