myServer 6 is more than a "Remote Control" application.  It is also a full Automation Controller.

Automation Events are a key differentiating factor.

myServer 5 had a robust "Scheduled Task" user interface.  In time, myServer 6 will take that concept to make even more complex capability made easy for end users to manage.

In the meantime, myServer 6 supports a straightforward text based configuration for Scheduled Events.

The Event will trigger whenever one of the variables being analyzed changes value.


// these are the conditions that must be met
{{current_time}} = sunset - 20
// AND:
// {{lastmonth}} < {{nextmonth}}
// OR:
// santa != real
// Keywords: sunrise, sunset
// Offsets: +n, -n
// Conditional Operators
// IsEQ or = (Is Equal)
// IsLT or < (Is Less Than)
// IsGT or > (Is Greater Than)
// IsLTE or <= (Is Less Than Or Equal)
// IsGTE or >= (Is Greater Than Or Equal)
// IsNE != (Is Not Equal)

On the right pane, type the command you would like to run when the Automation Event is "true".  This can be a simple command and / or a macro.




WebCmd|all~Toast|warning~Time Notification~The sun will set in 20 minutes~5000